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Air India Chairman and Managing Director: Ashwani Lohani Has a Special Success Story

Ashwani Lohani is amongst the highly successful and most influential people in India today. His career graph is similar to any common man with uncommon goals. You must read further about his success story if you are seeking some confidence to stick to your goals.

Full Name: Ashwani Lohani

Company: Air India

Position: Chairman and Managing Director

Nationality: Indian

What Do You Know About Ashwani Lohani ?

Ashwani Lohani currently represents Air India as a managing director and also serves as a Chairman to the company. His name exists in the Guinness Book of World Records for running the world’s oldest steam locomotive engine for ‘The Fairly Queen Express.’ His academic background will blow your mind!

Apart from being an MD to Air India, he is also an IRSME officer. His name appears in the Limca Records for holding most equivalent degrees in the field of engineering. Ashwani holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. That’s a lot in the kitty!

From an engineer to a bureaucrat, the journey isn’t a piece of cake for Ashwani. Deep study, strong determination, rigorous efforts, and clear goals have made him reach this far in his career. Lohani is also an author of two books related to steam engines and business management. In the history of business, he is the first railway service officer, who was offered the role of a chairman and MD for an airline. In one of his professional portfolios, he confidently stated; “I can handle sick companies and turn them around. I can write well and can deliver highly effective motivational lectures to students and corporates.”

A man like Lohani was much needed in the tourism sector as things were going haywire. When Lohani entered the MP tourism, things were difficult to understand from where to begin the recovery process as it was in a very bad shape.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”  ― Benjamin Franklin

Despite a busy schedule, Lohani’s social accounts are timely updated by him and he also manages his own blog for his followers. There is a very strong objective why Lohani was appointed as an MD of Air India; the company aspires to turn around their bad times to good with his support and skills. In a recent interview on Air India’s current financial structure, Lohani assured the people by stating; “We are doing all that is needed to financially revive Air India. We are going to launch new domestic and international flights and for this recruitment are on.” He also added; “Our expansion plans are unhindered. Twenty-five big and small aircraft will be inducted in the next couple of months. Our situation is improving with every passing year. Negative coverage (in media) is on decline.”

What motivates us from his success story ?

Think closely what do you learn from his success story? Lohani is no magician who wanders with a magic wand and improves the condition of sick or dull companies. He doesn’t give any fake hopes to them for their business turnover. It’s his learning, experiences, and close connectivity with the subject that makes him see fresh opportunities even in failures. Very few people accept a challenging role for their promotion.

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On one side, skilled candidates find it difficult to build trust in a sulking company like Air India, on the other side, there are masters like Ashwani Lohani who show the will to sail the boat through rough tides alone!

Any business entrepreneur or management student must read more about him and his business strategies. It will give you an insight of finding opportunities in challenges. Lohani’s achievements and sharp vision teaches us a strong message,

‘You can never find opportunities in easy scenarios; these are always found in tough situations.’

One of the best examples to share on this is Air India.

Hope you loved this short article on a great personality, Ashwani Lohani. There are many links of his works that you may refer to. I suggest, the engineering students must read more often about him. He has beautifully designed the entire work process of the new Air India. It seems that the working conditions of the employees will follow a strict corporate culture. The objective of his success story is simple;

‘Be confident to accept challenges and changes.’

Share this story now with your friends, colleagues, and family or anyone who needs some sigh of motivation.

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