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Meet The Bhangra Empire Crew of USA, Who Rock The World By Their Bhangra & Beats!

When culture spreads its wings, it sways the people along. This is exactly what the Bhangra Empire crew has done to the people of the United States of America. This success story is a small memento to their hard work.

Interesting Facts about Bhangra Empire :

Bhangra Empire was founded in 2006, Bay Area, California. The Bhangra Empire team first performed at the White House during a State Dinner, which was hosted by the President of the United States, Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle Obama.

Bhangra Empire Crew
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The dinner was hosted to honor the Indian Prime Minister’s visit, Manmohan Singh. The Bhangra Empire made its national television debut on one of the most popular reality shows, America’s Got Talent. They also featured their culture and dance at harper’s Bazaar on November, 20th, 2010.

The crew has also participated in some of the major events at competitive levels. They performed at various places mentioned below;

  • Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
  • Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California
  • Lisner Auditorium, Washington, D.C.

Bhangra Empire team has recorded many video albums of their performances, which have been appreciated at international levels. About 200 students had enrolled for a session by the Bhangra Empire last month, June. Watch out the amazing group on Facebook and you would know why they are recognized globally.

The rise of the Sikh power has raised the demand of the Sikh culture in most of the countries today. The group is also famous for his Bhangra classes, event performances, and outfit rentals for any shows. Their vibrant colored outfits simply rock the stage and bring fresh air in the audience. To share more, The Bhangra Empire team has performed at halftime of the Golden State Warriors, for 5 years continuously.

They run professional courses on Bhangra learning. It includes 8 week sessions in a very colorful and friendly environment. Watch some of their shows and you would know what I am talking about. These guys are simply amazing in their performances. Their beats and costumes will take your breath away.

Background of Bhangra :

Bhangra is one of the liveliest forms of dance and music from India. It holds its origin from Punjab. Bhangra reflects the culture of Punjab in a colorful and traditional manner. Its music brings a special positivity in the environment, making you feel energetic and vibrant.

Although, the birthplace of Bhangra is Punjab, it has spread its charm throughout the globe and the best part is that many people are actually learning it despite different traditions and cultures. Today, Bhangra is performed in western clubs and dance halls. Even the Christian weddings abroad include Bollywood dance forms, especially Bhangra.

Motivational Factor :

I have seen a couple of Bhangra Empire dance videos and they are one of my favorites! One of the best things I have noticed is that they have a different feel of unity. Their synchronization in their dance performances speaks amazing language of team bonding and team spirit.

Bhangra Empire Team
Bhangra Empire TeamPhoto Credit : Facebook

Punjab has nevertheless shown any laziness in displaying their art and tradition. I am truly impressed at the way they have handled every event so confidently. It is certainly tough to make a place in another country, which doesn’t understand your rituals, your customs, and your dance forms. There are many people to disgrace your dance form, try to put you down, and do not appreciate your practice of bringing people together. They have worked real hard days and nights with the objective to represent Punjab in every place their can.

We have very limited societies and organizations, which encourage people to spread their religious dance forms. We live in a society where people are rigid about their religions and do not really motivate others to come ahead and express their religion. However, people could just not stop loving the spirit of Bhangra Empire.

Moreover, another good factor about the group is that they have really come a long way by teaching people their dance form. They run classes to teach little kids the dance form of Bhangra to sustain their culture.

Bhangra is one of my favorite dance forms too. No matter in what mood you are, its beats bring back the liveliness in you. I truly hope that this group achieves the success they deserve. My best wishes are with the group, and I wish that they continue to make people shake their legs on their music. Kudos to them!

Visit Bhangra Empire : Website | Facebook

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