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Devika Sirohi Youngest in the team decoded Zika Virus

If we are adamant about something then innocuous measures like age, experience and exposure ceases to matter.

Devika Sirohi the youngest in the team who decoded Zika Virus is a living example of how passion and hard work can come over every innocuous measure like age and experience. Devika is not just inspirational but also a light bearer.

The 29-year-old Devika has not only helped in decoding Zika Virus but has also made her parents delighted and country proud. Devika is now more an unknown face; she now is an idol for millions of Indian aspiring youth. Devika has played an eminent role in decoding the structure of the Zika virus. The 29-year-old Devika is now a sensation and her success has been celebrated in almost every corner of the country.

Devika Sirohi Zika Virus
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The early life

Devika was born and brought up in Meerut, India and is now a popular face. People from Meerut are not just delighted but very much inspired after what Devika has achieved. The people of Meerut have been rejoicing the success of their daughter ever since her name made to the news.

Both the parents of Devika are Doctors and have had a great time celebrating the success of their hardworking doctor. Parents were found handling the stream flow of relatives and well wishers at their abode in Meerut.

Why her is contribution is important and needs to be celebrated?

The contemporary world is trapped under the veil of lethal diseases like cancer and Aids and then this new succumbing disease Zika comes across and starts spreading epidemic. The world was going through an alarming situation because of the unidentified virus. The whole world was looking for respite from it and then the breakthrough happened.

Top class doctors and researchers from the remotest countries of the world came together to solve the problem. Devika’s hard work helped her grab a seat and the rest is history. Today the world knows how to tackle Zika and save people from its effect.

Zika would have killed millions had its structure was not decoded in time. The world has been saved hence we need to praise the effort of everyone who came together to solve the problem. We need to celebrate the success of our daughter Devika, who has made the whole country proud. We need not forget her with time, we need to remember her as an angel and we need to acquire inspiration from here. We need to tell our daughters to be like her and we need to do everything we can do in order to respect Devika.

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How Devika feels about all these things happening in her life?

“When I first arrived in the US, I never expected to achieve this much. It has been five years now since I started my doctoral research and I will submit my thesis by the end of this year. The entire journey of discovering the structure of Zika was full of challenges, but all is well that ends well. Now that the structure has been determined, it will be easier to research further and combat the spread of the disease.”

Devika said this in an interview to Times of India.

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How motivational is Devika’s story?

Devika was a simple kid who worked hard, acquired reputed mark and did everything with passion; a girl with simple goals but extra-ordinary passion for achieving them. What Devika has achieved at the age of 29 is incomparable and worth of all praises in this world. She has not only made her parents proud but a whole country.

The world stands in awe and feels grateful for the lives they have saved together. We need to remember the real heroes of this world in form of Devika and others who were a part of the team.
Devika has received praises from everyone in the country. The home minister Rajnath Singh took to Twitter in order to congratulate the achievements of proud Indian. Other politicians and noted people visited her in person and congratulated on her achievement.

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