Dr. Sinchan Das

An Extra-Ordinary & Thought Provoking Interview of An Exceptional Personality Dr. Sinchan Das, Shared by Dr Barun Kulkarni

An Extra-ordinary & life-changing interview of an Exceptional Personality, Dr. Sinchan Das :

In today’s time, no introduction is needed to describe this magnetic genius of India, Dr. Sinchan Das. But, when one 1st meet Dr. Das, they must failed to understand his value, because of his descent and friendly nature.

In these time of social degradation, his exceptional personality truly defines his greatness. He is known as the ‘moving library’, ‘youth icon’, ‘youngest legend’, ‘Rarest gem’ and many more.

He is among those few people, who are the master of rare raagas of Indian treasury. His mellifluous ‘barhat’ and ‘vistaar’ are capable of establishing a true living picture of the raaga.

His extremely magnetic rendition of raagas, charming ‘taantrikari’ and a god-gifted voice are capable of mesmerize the entire audience and to pour the essence of purity and light of positivity within the mass. He applied these tunes on different diseased condition of humans and animals which gives stunning results.

Dr. Sinchan Das is a disciple of traditional ‘Rampur Senia Gharana’ and learned instrumental style in Sarode under ‘Senia Maihar Gharana’.

His extremely divine renditions compels the audience to swim in the light of divinity freely.Dr. Sinchan has faced lots of threats and attacks due to his noble works. World news feels proud to take this interview of such an admirable personality who is filled with positivity only.

Dr Barun Kulkarni : What do you think, what are the secrets behind your success?

Dr Das: Which success! If I am successful, then why my ideologies are continuously being destroyed! I am not successful till now.

Dr. Kulkarni : Ok, then please tell us, what are the influences behind your exceptional ideologies?

Dr Das: No secrets are there. My parents, My teachers, and some biographies like Raja Rammohan Roy, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Dr. A.N. Ramakrishnan and few others.

Dr. Kulkarni : What do you think about Life?

Dr. Das : Life is like an Escalator without handrail; if you loose time steps will move without you and if you rushes inattentively, you may fall from the stairs into scary darkness.

If you jump any step without experiencing the teachings of that step, you must unable to learn the teachings of life properly.

That deficiency must results into depression, frustration and other negative conditions in your life in recent future.

Dr. Kulkarni : What are the threats to the society according to you?

Dr Das: 1. Ignorance       2. Arrogance        3. Selfishness      4. Biasness        5. Dissbelief        6. Addiction     7. Half hearted knowledge.

Dr. Kulkarni : Even after these huge opposite forces how will you stay so tuned continuously?

Dr Das: I do not expecting anything from anybody, so I do not have anything to loose. I just want to do my job unconditionally.

I teach unconditionally, I love unconditionally by knowing that I will not going to receive any love from anybody; I care unconditionally.

When one devoid of any expectation, he or she does not have anything to loose and that is why they will not going to face any negative things from their mind.

There are many instances saying that every positivity criticized and misinterpreted by the society in every era.

But I know that I have to do these and I don’t gonna receive any support from anybody except my parents.

Dr. Kulkarni : What is the way, through which one can become a multidimensional perfectionist and master within this little age?

Dr Das:  (smile) way! Don’t know. But I can say my principle what I follow, i.e. hard work based on a strict principle, discipline, time management and dedication.

Dr. Kulkarni : Do you think that Indian political system is a main cause of these destructions?

Dr Das: This is not my topic of interest. So, no comments.

Dr. Kulkarni : Will you not think that Government is failed to maintain an uniformity and peace?

Dr Das: Government! What is government? Government is nothing but that maintenance staff who maintains a building from damage.

If materials are good in themselves, no need to depend on maintenance staffs solely. We all are those materials which forms the society. If we all are genuine and hold our duty up to the mark, government will change their policies according to our need.

They must. But it is worthless that we act as per the policies of govt. and waste our valuable time by gossiping with their do’s and don’s.

Dr. Kulkarni : What are the threats for the society according to you?

Dr Das: Way of Perception:  We believe those circumstances or incidences, which matches with our preconceived ideas or past experiences, no matter those are correct or false.

Most dangerous is this, there are many things or teachings, which are either partially correct or wrong; those are endorsed in our life willingly for cheap personalized interests from the ages.

There are different teachings which are intentionally wrong and evolved from complex to comp-lexer state. These comp-lexer forms become very regular and usual. This is extremely terrifying. 

Ignorance: Ignorance is a major manifestation of social disease. But, we all are victims of this disease and this become very natural of our day-to-day activities.

This is one of the results of faulty teachings and practices and I must say this ignorance is the mother of all different pathologies.

Ignorance developed due to either lack of knowledge about what to watch, which to react or which to not, or intentionally to show their dignity (dignity cannot be qualified by ignorance at all) or due to fear of being questioned on any matter etc.

Ignorance means not only to give attentions towards sufferings of an individual, rather ignorance means lack of attentions towards everything or to give attentions according to choice.

Arrogance: Arrogance is the result of either half-hearted understanding and fear of loosing ground; or to hide own faults which are done by themselves in past. That means the second category performs faults willingly.

You can easily relate with these varieties around us very easily. Arrogance and ignorance are closely related with each other.

Arrogantly doing any thing unhealthy or ignorantly doing any unhealthy phenomenon followed by arrogant feedback; both are criminal offense towards nature and next generations.

Social Practices:  This is most important factor among others. Among the practices one common is “tit for tat”. Tit for tat does not produce any positive impression except of destruction.

A common trend of this time is to protest against anything violently. Violence cannot produce any positive impact by any means.

Next is “pricking some one with any negative or cruel words or saying some thing in negative tone, or trying to correct somebody (teacher- student/ Guardian- children) with negative statements, like you are hopeless, you can not succeed, you are good for nothing, or you are inappropriate for this work e.t.c.” 

These are very common trends of guardians or teachers or seniors or colleagues or friends in order to correct anybody or to rule anybody.

But very clearly said, human mind has two sets of action.

1. What they are directed not to do they must do those. Restrict them from any harm they still not experiencing produce an extreme level of uncontrollable interest in their mind. So, it is better to banned harmful habits and materials to save next generations.

2. Negative verbal vibration compels the mind to produce an irreversible spark, which produces a mentality of arrogance, frustration and helplessness. 

Next is mentality to take revenge against anybody or violation of law and order intentionally. 

Revenge is a reverse feedback mechanism, producing immense negative impact. Tendency to take revenge is a result of conflict between ego and arrogance. 

Punishment in terms of physical compromisation is an way of relaxation; nothing more than that; punishment does not left any positive impression behind from which anyone can take lesson. Punishment in a forceful manner, produces a tendency to do crime in a more organized manner in recent future. 

Next is ‘Promotion of warnings about any habit or product or practices’ is nothing but the promotion of harmful habits and effects in a decorated manner.

A common trend of mind is, anything you declared as wrong mind take that topic as the topic of adventure and excitement.

These promotions are successfully creating more interest on those materials. By these mechanisms the entire society is continuously get drowned under the dump of destruction.

If you want to stop any harmful habits, then you have to abolish that from the root without thinking of any cheap interests. Otherwise you should remember that, you are also a contributor of these dis-harmonies.     

Promotion of the negative news:

Human mind is very complicated in nature. Mind always prone towards the negative things easily. By covering negative news, we are just giving our importance towards those for cheap business strategies.

These can produce negative and violent characters easily; because negative stories resulting into increase in the amount of steroid hormones in the blood, as a result of which that violent character develops.

Another nature of mind is, anything using the word no or not means you are encouraging them to do those. For that reason, avoid any negative words.

Promotion of negative news publicly has to be stopped. Promotion of news of rape results into increasing rape rate, similar things happened with addictions,  news of violence, news of cruelty, news of animal cruelty e.t.c.

These promotions are nothing but the promotional strategies; but those results into a gross social damage.

Hypersensitivity about individualistic freedom: 

Another problem of the society is too much concerning nature about individual’s freedom, where the meaning of freedom is deviated nakedly.

There is nothing for individual’s interest, because individual is nothing but the fragmentary parts of the society; individual health is the contributory factors for social health & vice versa.

All the elements of the nature are inter dependable on each other, but when we live a non-sense life or unscientific life we boldly consider the life as ‘personal’ (most debatable & controversial terminology).

But if each individual sector of the society serves for the social & gross up-liftment , individual growth follows automatically; without gross development of the society the individual development must be short lasting.

If we unitedly work for the social development, we can easily erase several negative terminologies from our dictionary, like disbelieve, competition, stress, dissatisfaction, revenge etc and many more.

Individual freedom does not mean, one can able to disturb or damage their own, others, or even well-being of any of the natural components.

As every single disharmony results into a gross disharmony, so for the sake of gross interest (automatically individual comes under the heading of gross) one must ignore their own short-term interest in exchange of long-term damage.

Excessive competitive mentality:

At this present time, we are suffering from a serious pathological condition, named competition, which is responsible for this dark episodes of arrogance, aggression, hatred, ignorance, inferiority complexes, addictions, disbelieve and depression.

A faulty tendency of us is to compare ourselves with others, either by ourselves or by our guardians or friends.

This creates an atmosphere of interpersonal hatred, complexes (superiority or inferiority), half hearted knowledge and arrogance, these ultimately results into compromised productivity, creativity, uniqueness, depression, addiction and by this path the gross productivity of the society must be deprived.

This competitive mentality results into the formations of short-cuts and unscientific incomplete study module. This faulty process results into compromised creativity, free out of box thinking and hunger for unknown; as a result intellectual level declines.   

Whimsical Administration of Drugs:

Drugs are discovered just to balance an imbalanced state occurring accidentally or certainly; not to manage self-induced pathologies welcomed willingly.

Very painfully said, in recent dates everybody become Internet made doctors and medicine sellers are self-made physicians also. This practice results into more compound diseases.

As a result of which, maximum of the modern diseases are man made, but still we are trying to suppress our guilt by giving then different no so-logical names.

Disharmony can occur even in absence of disease generating microscopical or microscopical stimuli, just due to pathological thoughts.

Thinking about diseases can also play an important role in the formation of disease. Disharmonious thought leads to processing of information within the neuro-psychiatric circuits accordingly leads to malsecretion of hormones, chemical messengers and other exocrinal substances.

This diseased phenomenon leads to a manifestation of disharmony (may be virtual also). This disease when treated by artificial chemical substances that results into a serious harm in the body; now the pathological conditions becomes drug-induced artificial disease.   


Addiction or better to say taking of abusive materials are often called as style. Some people said, this is their own freedom or choice; but how should a damaging habit becomes anyone’s choice, just because of momentary satisfaction!!!!

If anyone have that power to damage themselves, then why not they positively contribute in the betterment of the nature!!!

A short term relaxation continuously forming different complex pathological conditions; which transforms in generations and resulting into a diseased society.Dr. Sinchan Das with his Teacher, Colleagues & Students

There are many misconception prevailed in the society regarding everything, regarding every sector. There are many taboos also and more of all our greediness may contribute more dangerously.

Dr. Kulkarni : Why you feel to introduce your warming ‘Taantrikari’ in Indian Classical Treasury?

Dr Das: Indian classical music is a glorious pride of world music, but it was limited within a number of people for a long time. Common mass are unable to take the divine taste of Indian Classical Music. For that reason, I feel the interest to introduce this ‘taantrikari’. Basically to attract audience of all types towards the magic of Indian classical music.

Dr. Kulkarni : How will you manage these threats, harms flies towards you continuously?

Dr Das: I have faith on me, faith on god and faith on my capacities. I know when I meet criticism, threats and other, I am correct and I am in a rail of truth.Dr. Kulkarni : There are some people who said that, “You are short tempered and egoistic”- What is your opinion?

Dr Das: I do not bother negative impulses, which make me angry and restless. I hate those which have minimum negative impulses within them. I am not going to compromise with my ideologies without any reason.

Dr. Kulkarni : Don’t you feel hopeless when you received these threatening letters or faced attacks?

Dr Das: No, absolutely not. These make me more rigid and hard working. I feel proud when I saw my students are working for the mass unconditionally, that made me too much satisfied.

“We Salute this Person from the core of our heart.”

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