EveryBill: A Solution For more than 10 Million Business Who Are Still Running on Paper Bills in India

Please introduce your self, Everybill and Share your Life’s Journey

I would like to tell you the story of my journey. It is about solving the problem of billing which is being faced by millions of business across the country. This happens to be my father’s problem as well.

My name is Sujeet and I am Founder of EveryBill. There are two more co-founder in my team and there names are Chanchal and Diwakar.

I am from a middle class family and my father has been running a small garment shop since 24 years. There are various problem a businessman faces while running their business. My father had two major issues which mainly caused huge loss of money and good relationships at stake. First issue, is to give and collect the due amount. This is a big pain for most of the businesses. Many people are unable to follow up for the dues on the given date and many refuse to give the full amount, which causes a loss of 2-3 lacs/year.

Second issue is the replacement of goods. The process always starts with a fight that ends with a bad experience. I use to work with him during my summer break and I have seen these problems very closely. There are many businesses running around my father’s shop and I see that the same problem is faced by all of them. Apart from these shops, where ever I have done my shopping, I have never seen any seller using any efficient system rather than a bill book or just manual work. There are more than 10 million businesses running just on paper in India.

The Time When I Started my Career :

After my engineering I started my career in Android app development. Soon I had released an app called LaunchSimply which is a launcher based on 3D gesture and it created a lot of buzz for its uniqueness. Company like Intel and Samsung had done partnership for this to make it an inbuilt app along with the new phone. I was working with a team who was making an locality based social networking app called Shout (Shout later formed NinjaKart).

After its failure few started working on different idea. During the end of the year 2014, I again started thinking of my father problem. I decided to solve it by developing an android app as my father had started using smartphone. Thinking of developing a desktop solution was never in my mind as it takes lot of space, power, wifi/broadband, cost high, learning bar(my father is not even able to move the cursor properly) because of which very less have adopted it.EverybillIt took 3 months for development. My father started using it and he was happy with the results. Seeing his happiness, I released the app on google play and since than there are more than 700 active users who are using the app. Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and sellers of other channels with team of sales person; are the prime users of this application.

About Co-Founders and Team:

I met Chanchal who happens to be well aware of this problem. He has done his MBA from IIM Kashipur and worked as Leadership Candidate in Aditya Birla Group. With ABG, he was working with Idea Cellular Ltd and found that the telecom sector is really advanced in keeping the records of their data – just like bill books. Even he saw the vision of getting an organized structure of datas for businesses in different sectors.

He liked the solution i.e. EveryBill and decided to work on this full time. Later on, he was selected in MIT Entrepreneur BootCamp in 2016 with EveryBill’s Idea. The selection was amongst 48,000 applicants worldwide. He had to drop it due to insufficient funds and time constraints.

Diwakar who was working with me in CommonFloor has also decided to join us as he has very strong belief in our mission to replace bill book and provide a better solution. Diwakar hold a bachelor’s as well as master’s from Delhi University. He was working with Microsoft and Amazon for the past 6 years. He has a strong command over the tech side and believes that this solution could help create a better world for living.

We came full time in December 2015 and started working on improving the solution. We than register our company and got the name EveryBill Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Achievements :

We have started generating our revenue from April 1st, 2016 and would break even in next 15 months. We are actively looking for investment at this stage as we have achieved a product market fit and would be scaling it to global level.

EveryBill recently got selected in Asia’s Top 20 Start-up by StartUp BootCamp in Singapore. The selection was amongst 300 start-ups that participated in the event from different countries like Singapore, China, Australia etc.

More details on market, solution, subscription and current state of customers respectively below.

#1. In 2016 it is 10 Billion market and future forecast is given below :EveryBill#2. EveryBill enables business to run on mobile where they create a bill and send it to customer. Customer receive the bill on EveryBill app and make the payment. Both have the bills, each other’s details and analytics of what they sell and buy.

Business can see analytics of every kind to understand how there business is doing, which item is selling more, who is there frequent users and many more.

Basically EveryBill is connecting all kind of business (Mostly small shops who never had any POS ) and customers who is buying form them in a meaning full way of exchanging bills where both side is happy with this solution which is cost free with a lot of benefits.

These are following main features of EveryBill app:

  • Works Offline and Online, fast, simple user interface, whatsapp like interface for fast learning.
  • A owner can run multiple business and can add multiple sales person for billing in each business from a single app
  • Bill Status/Delivery Status for service industry. Customizable for every kind of industry
  • Same app for customer for receiving bills and view analytics. Also an user can receive bill (in word/pdf format) in SMS, email , whatsapp or any shareable platform. Print is also supported.  
  • Rich and simple analytics. Inventory, due,delivery, accounts and customer management.

#3. We have subscription based charging in yearly basics.

There are three plans as given below:EveryBill #4. We have more than 700 active businesses on boarded as of now. We started our subscription based charging from April 15 of this year and so far their are 8 paying customers. 

Watch Demo Here :


App Download link: Play.google.com

Visit : Website | Join us on Facebook

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