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Rashmi Soni and Khyati Sharma, Founders of Fataak “A next gen mobile food ordering app”, Shares their Startup Story

Fataak Founders: Rashmi Soni (left) – Khyati Sharma (right)

Please Introduce yourself.

We are a core team of versatile individuals, efficient partners and dynamic entrepreneurs.

Rashmi is from jaipur a Masters in Commerce, Khyati hails from Gwalior & holds engineering degree, Piyush an IIM C alumni hails from M.P. and few along important members are the responsible living beings behind this new startup.

Each key person is having their domain experience which helped in laying the foundation for the company.

When and How did you start Fataak?

Fataak™ born with an idea and purpose to make online food ordering simple and lucid. Idea born last year and it took a year hard work to make the application successfully and launch on time. It was also born with an instant when we were traveling over silk board to EC and got this idea.

Fataak™ is for every one who can order food from anywhere at any time based on the available services. Instant Order Booking (IDO), Instant delivery Model (IDM) and Instant Cooking (IC) are the aspects which we derived from our dictionary are trying to make them live in this app. We are working on Instant Order Booking mechanism by which customer can order the food with only clicks of button. As the named indicates of the app it means at an Instant.

Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

Khyati Sharma and Rashmi soni are the Founders. Going forward new members will be joining on board in main core team.

Explain more about Fataak, What makes you special?

 Fataak a next gen mobile food ordering app. Order Beyond address, beyond boundaries, anytime anywhere Food Ordering Redefined. The ui/ux is the USP for our app. Fataak allows end customer to book the order from nearby restaurant with a touch of button. Everything is automated to make the experience very very smooth. Fataak is available in google play store and apple itune.  We have applied for Trademark for fataak in the applicable category.

What challenges did you face while setting up Fataak?

Biggest Challenge is to get the Idea to be developed. Idea may come and go. But making an idea a real product is the start where challenges are waiting for you. At first point you may think for give up but don’t do since its not the first stage, this stage comes many time hence no point of thinking that. There are many situation will come which are not in our hand but we have to keep on going by completing our daily tasks. Do not sit and wait for the task to be completed by your dependents. Finish yours and then help others as well, that’s the real entrepreneur.

What’s the Current Path and Future plan?

Fataak has been launched from BTM expanded to kormangla, HSR, Brookfield, Infantry road, electronics city , Wilson garden etc. We are happy to share that we are getting overwhelming response from the people and getting response in the terms of online food ordering.

We have reached to 1 lakh viewers/reach in facebook and Google. We have daily 1000 + visitors on social media. We set our target to reach 3 lakh people in the month of July.

Current plan – We are on customer acquisition path in full swing simultaneously we are partnering multiple restaurants to full fill the demand in online food ordering. We are getting huge Reponses from both the sides. This is the energy booster for us who is carrying us daily to proceed further to accomplish the goal.

 Future plan –

  • To cover the untouched end customer who is still ordering the food via phone or offline ways.
  • To bring on board women or individuals who are willing to come online and do sell however could not be the part of this e-commerce yet. This is one of our goal fataak for all.
  • We are making strategy to start in other cities as well and soon we will start in Pune.
  • Next mile stone is to achieve the 100 percent automation in terms of technology.
  • We are in process of startup India program. We are also in discussion with many mentors in Bangalore for shaping the company and business in better shape.
  • Also have a plan of setting up own delivery fleet to meet the restraints demands in logistics.

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Links to download the app:
Google play : https://goo.gl/n878IF
App Store: https://goo.gl/N8rb8x

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