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Meet Gautam Kumawat, A 22 Years Old Self Made Millionaire, Cyber Crime Investigator and Cyber security Expert’s Success Story

Please Introduce yourself. [All About Gautam Kumawat]

Hi, I’m Gautam Kumawat,  a 22 years old self made millionaire, Cyber crime Investigator and Cyber security Expert who hails from a small village near Pilani, Rajasthan. Till 5th standard, I studied in a government owned primary school situated in my village.

Being a smart and curious kid, I always kept thinking about how and why things works. As there were no school in my village for further education, I used to go daily to a school in nearest town. After that I switched to Jaipur city for higher education. Coming to this city, I became dumb and  got  only 47% in half yearly exams of tenth class.

While choosing Mathematics domain for my eleventh, our school principal said to my father, “Gautam isn’t qualified for even art domain !” (In our society, Science domain is considered only for meritorious students and Art is for rest ones.) After two years of passing out, the school principal called me to solve a cyber crime case related to his school, and that was a proud moment for me.

When and how did you think about becoming Cyber security expert?

I was not having any type of interest in this field during my schooling. But when someone had hacked my facebook account, I got frustrated. (You know teenagers are addicted to facebook or any other social media, so I was). Considering an advice of a friend, I filed a case against that person but police did nothing.

I don’t know why they were not taking any interest. It may be due to whether they were not having knowledge of cyber-field or the case was filed by a kid. Therefore, I tried to investigate the case myself and showed the evidence to police officer. That’s how the cyber crime investigation and ethical hacking became a domain of interest for me.

From whom you got inspiration to learn and Who is your mentor?

Inspiration comes from within. I always  feel extremely hungry to learn how hackers hack into systems and how can we enhance our cyber security. The joy, I am receiving by helping the police or other agencies in solving cyber related cases, ignites my desire to do research in the cyber areas.

Explain more about your services / courses that you provide, What makes you special and how is it different?

I’m providing consultancy services to corporate companies, training personnel of various states police, Indian army, CBI and other law enforcement agencies in domain of cyber crime investigation and helping them in solving complex cyber crime cases. I’m also giving online training (as I don’t want to waste up time in travel) to the law enforcement agencies of other countries. Along with this, to share my knowledge I have framed Video-courses on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Computer Forensics and Darknet that are delivering to more than 25,000+ students (including 4000 Police officers ) from 160+ countries.

I’m inspired from what Dr APJ Kalam said “Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities.”  Nothing is better than shaping someone else future and helping them to reach out their dreams, that’s what I am doing.

What challenges did you face in your life and How did you overcome?

I was not having any internet connection when I got my first desktop computer, so I used to access Airtel and Reliance networks to use free Internet with zero balance. While using internet, the speed was usually slow because of load, So I used to wake up 4 AM every single day to use full bandwidth to get better speed for browsing/ downloading.

There are lot of instances, when it feels to shut all things down. But life is full of challenges, rejections and failures. Do you like to watch movie which doesn’t have villain ?? Surely, your answer is No. Same things are applied in life. Struggles as well as challenges in solving problem give me energy to learn and explore new things.

This quote inspires me a lot : “Work until your Idols become your Rivals.”

What’s the Current Path and Future plans?

I believe in results rather than speaking about the plans.

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