GeekyRanjit : A Dreamer, A Tech Worm, A Website Developer, A Gadget Reviewer, An Entrepreneur, A Success Story

Ranjit, popularly known as GeekyRanjit after the name of his YouTube channel, is an expert on technology & gadgets and reviews everything from smartphones to routers and explains the use of technology to make life simpler, on his YouTube channel, “GeekyRanjit”.

GeekyRanjit : A Dreamer

Born in Hyderabad in 1977, Ranjit is a self-driven geek who is simply passionate about gadgets and technology since childhood. At a young age of 11-12, Ranjit knew where his passion lay and would crow to his friends that someday he would do something to do with computers. Source

GeekyRanjit : A Tech Worm

In his late teens, Ranjit developed a love for programming. In the times when not many of us had computers in our homes, GeekyRanjit would share his cousin’s computer and would try his hand at all sorts of computer programs, making games, applications etc.

Ranjit did his Bachelors in Commerce Honours and pursued a programming course from CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), Maharashtra. He became so passionate about programming that he would keep working at it till wee hours.

GeekyRanjit : A Website Developer

With his love for programming, Ranjit got into web developing and besides working as a freelance IT consultant, GeekyRanjit started developing sites and applications for clients with most of his user base from US. He also developed, India’s largest humour portal which ruled the niche for over a decade.

GeekyRanjit : A Gadget Reviewer

Besides his passion for programming, Ranjit just could not keep away from technology and gadgets and knew the ins and outs of all the latest products in the market. His knowledge was deep and opinions were so very reliable that his friends would invariably seek his opinion before purchasing any product.

It was this love for technology and gadgets and his growing credibility in the field that pushed him to develop a website, tech2buzz, in 2007 where he could post his reviews of latest products in the market.

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Tech2buzz became quite a hit with the users because of the unbiased and accurate opinions given by Ranjit on each and every one of the products. Even if it would take him a little long to review a product or gadget, Ranjit would post it only when he was satisfied with it entirely. Also, he would make an extra effort to review early the products desired by his users.

GeekyRanjit : An Entrepreneur

With advancement in technology and internet not just wide-spreading but also jumping out of our PCs into smartphones, the demands of and means to reach the users kept increasing too.

To cater to the same, Ranjit felt a need to provide a real feel of the product, gadget and technology he was reviewing and inspired by the YouTube channel ‘TechnoBuffalo’ he found YouTube as the best answer.

He created his YouTube Channel at a time when no monetization feature was incorporated in YouTube. However, driven by his thirst for technology, Ranjit created his own YouTube channel and to start with reviewed ASUS Router. When it did not generate adequate response, Ranjit contacted various companies for sponsorship but did not get response from any.

When it still did not work after trying hard and waiting long enough, Ranjit put to use his igniting entrepreneurial skills and set a budget for next couple of years and decided to invest in GeekyRanjit. The strategy was to buy products and gadgets with his own money and post their reviews on the channel.

With his genuine reviews, Ranjit expected to widen his audience base soon enough to be able to start earning from his channel GeekyRanjit. And although Ranjit would re-sell the products he bought for reviewing, at the end of 3 long years he was not on the plus side. He was earning but not enough to make profits.

However, though a little late, his perseverance finally paid and his subscribers started multiplying and so much so that as we speak of him in April 2017, the subscribers of GeekyRanjit are over 820K and counting.

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GeekyRanjit : A Success Story

The inspiring story of this hard-working, passionate geek instils a firm belief in the heart of those who nurture an undying love for what’s close to their heart, filling it with a promise of success and possibilities galore!

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GeekyRanjit’s website : Facebook

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