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Goli Vada Pav Success Story – A Small Business of Vada Pav Can Make You a Crorepati

Goli Vada Pav Success Story : As per the saying; bigger things come in smaller packets, the co-founder of Goli Vada pav, Venkatesh never knew that such a small concept of Vadapav will bring him this level of success.

This article is about the commendable story behind the success of Goli Vadapav and its co-founders.

Name: Goli Vada Pav

Established on: 2004

Location: Mumbai

Founders: Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon

The story behind the achievement of Goli Vada Pav:

Goli Vada Pav began its initial business in Mumbai as a Quick Service Restaurant. Kalyan is the place, where the first outlet was built with an investment of 40 lakhs rupees by Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon. The founders and their business have a lot to share and encourage all those small scale businessmen, who do not see longer visions.

After topsy-turvy rides and roller-coaster of challenges, Goli Vada pav enjoyed revenue of 45 crores recently. It has a business of selling 70,000 vadapav daily, and owns about 275 stores in 61 cities.

This is one of the biggest achievements that came over and raised the bar for other brands like, Haldiram and Saravana Bhavan.

Opening a Vadapav business may look like a piece of cake for its simple making, but this recipe took a tough time for the founders of Goli. The business flourished, vanished and again flourished several times with lots of Government restrictions, technological issues, labor, and other common business challenges.

Soon after their Mumbai setup was shut down, they continued to dream bigger. A new center and formation was altogether brought up in Nashik.

This step itself was a major hit to build the trust factor in the existing customers and fan followers of Goli Vadapav. With the help of advanced technology, Goli Vadapav is now sold to places where people are unaware of the splendid taste of the recipe.

Moreover, it can be stored for as long as nine months and is pretty hygienic.

Today, the neighboring countries are willing to do business with Goli; however the founders are still rooted to their own country in finding more opportunities in India itself. This is just a glimpse of the story behind Goli’s settlement; you may be more inspired if you read the challenges by the founders itself.

Goli Vada pav founders
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What is so Inspirational about Goli Vadapav?

Goli Vadapav is not just business. It is an eye opener to many, who fail to understand the concept of out of the box thinking. Many of us may get scared of the fact that challenges in business may utter losses.

In such a scenario, a business without a challenge will never progress. We find solutions only when there are challenges. But, as a team, Venky and Shivadas together convey the meaning of time investment, skill investment, and thought investment in business.

The concept of opening a Vadapav chain is still not literally a respectable job to many, but only a few know the value of entering the coal mines and find diamonds. The thought wasn’t that easy for Venky to explain to his family either; it was only his wife and his friend Shivadas to support him during the initial phase of business.

It amazes me to know how people can use the simple ideas of business and turn these to special and unique concepts.

Introducing the variations in Vadapavs and preparing or storing it in an autonomous manner in itself was a big hit for Shiv to stand separate from the competition. Shiv has not only attained success, but also fulfilled the desires of all those people, who were unaware of the mouthwatering taste of Vadapav.

Along with Vadapavs, Shiv has keenly focused on the off seasonal issues that may bring down the sale due to fasting and other similar events. Very beautifully, he also started the concept of recipes like Sabudana Vadas that people can enjoy in a hygienic and healthy manner, while they are fasting.

There are many more unique concepts like, family packs, box, party vadapavs that made the company a hit.

One of the best things that the founders convey is that it is not always necessary to look for competition; you may also need to look at other aspects, which will help you to flourish your business.

For instance, introducing Vadapav to areas where it is not available. I am impressed at the way the company is handling the simplest dish in the most fashionable manner. I wish all the luck and wishes to the amazing journey of Goli Vadapav and hope they reach higher scales of success.

Currently Goli has 350+ stores / outlets all over the India.

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