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Guneet Monga is a Hurricane in the Entertainment Industry of India

Guneet Monga is passionate about film industry and that reflects through her successful career. This story displays Guneet Monga’s journey of life, her success and the reasons why she is referred to as the ‘Hurricane’ of Indian Film Industry.

Name: Guneet Monga

Date of Birth: 21st November, 1983

Current Location: Mumbai

Interesting information about Guneet Monga:

Guneet is a well-known line producer, film producer, and CEO to the company Anurag Kashyap Films. She is the founder of Sikhya Entertainment. It shocks me to know that at the age of 33, she has achieved that people take ages to accomplish. Guneet was raised in Delhi and she has completed her graduation in Mass Communications. She also holds a degree in Electronic Media.

Guneet has given a new picture to the Indian Film Industry. She is a trend setter in terms of film promotions and story concepts. Her passion for doing something for the Indian Film Industry began when she was just 17. One of the major sacrifices made by her was selling her own house to generate funds for film completion. The movie, Monsoon Shootout made her more fanatic and crazy to do similar films. It has already gained recognition in the international market and is waiting to take its call in India too.

Guneet had accomplished a lot very soon, but this doesn’t make her lucky. She has paid her price several times to reach this level of success and fame. Her passion in movies is commendable. She is one sensible woman who knows the essence of real movies.

Achievements and Rewards:

One of the cherished moments shared by Monga is when her movie, Kavi (released in 2009) received the 2010 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short-Film. Some of the movies appreciated highly by audience include; Rang Rasiya, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Dasvidaniya, Say Salaam India, Gangs of Wasseypur, Shaitan, That Girl in Yellow Boots, and a few more.


She is a woman I can go on talking about. Her dedication and commitment in work shows on her face. Her wrinkles on her face at a young age, reflects every step of struggle taken by her to make a name in the industry. Guneet is a woman of words; she is a woman of substance, and a woman of inspiration. I am personally inspired at the way she has balanced her mental stability and career life. Many of us may often step back by seeing a few failures, but she is a woman who will encourage.

The courage of being a woman and standing in the competitive crowd makes her a bold, confident, and determined lady. She is one of the amazing producers that Industry could have. Sometimes, when I used to feel low in life, I often compared myself to the successful women and felt disappointed assuming that their success is based on their luck. When I started reading about their life story in detail, I realized that it is easy to comment, but very difficult to implement.

I can imagine the challenges and competition that women face, which includes the gender biasness. It is everywhere! But those are winners who get over it. After facing many challenging in my own life, it gives me a sense of relief to know that I am not alone. There are many women, who are facing tougher battles and giving it back in their own style and success.

Guneet is a highly focused woman who knows what she wants from life. Her deep interest towards her work is the reason why she is the CEO to a big name like; Anurag Kashyap and Sikhya Entertainment. I noticed one thing in her very closely that even I follow in life and this is the ‘never giving up attitude’.

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I can tell you one thing; ‘accept your failures to become stronger in life and not weaker.’ This will help you to achieve something bigger. There will surely be a time when you will smile at your journey and pat your back for the person you will be after all these storms.

If you really feel inspired by these women, I request you to learn about their stories and journey of life. Just read them as a story and feel satisfied that you know a few people who have been through worse battles and come out on their own. Hold onto your strength, as this is just the beginning…

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