Huntplex and Froiden Co-Founder Abhinav Saraswat , Shared an Amazing Startup Story In an Interview With Us

Please Introduce Yourself:-

I am Abhinav Saraswat, Co-Founder of Froiden Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Huntplex’s parent company).

I belong to Kota, Rajasthan.

I did my B.Tech from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota and schooling from D.A.V. Barmana, H.P

The passion for technology started developing in me when I was in 3rd year of my engineering. Me and my 4 friends (who are currently my co-founders) used to develop websites for foreign clients though freelancing websites. We also developed number of Facebook applications though we got 7-8 Lac likes on our Facebook page and earned a lot of money of course.

After my college I did job in a startup in Chandigarh for 2 years. During this period one of my co-founder took admission in IIT Roorkee to do M.Tech while others were busy in preparing for some govt exams.

We realized that together we can do wonders in the field of technology. We discussed with each other & took the decision to start our company Froiden Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

One thing about which we were sure was that for our company we will not take a single rupee from our parents. We saved for 6 months to start the company and finally registered it on 26th March, 2014 with a fully furnished 1000 Sqft. office in Jaipur.

How Huntplex came to the picture?

We were very sure from the starting that developing websites and apps for the clients is not the long term goal of the Froiden. We wanted to develop a product which can help number of people of our country.

We realized that if a person want to go Salon or a Gym, he/she does not have any option to see the prices, get a inside look or see the services being provided before actually visiting the place. So we decided to make a product which will list all the salons & gyms in the city with their latest pictures & pricing properly organized on the website.

We launched for public on 20 May, 2015.

Later we added Salon booking appointment feature to make the appointment process more simplified.

We are 4 Co-Founders:-

  • Abhinav Saraswat – B.Tech – RTU, Kota
  • Rakesh Kumar – B.Tech – RTU,Kota
  • Ajay Choudhary – B.Tech – RTU, Kota
  • Shashank Jain – B.Tech – RTU, Kota & M.Tech, IIT- Roorkee

Apart from us we have 4 more members to do the marketing and coding.

Please tell us More about Huntplex?

 Huntplex aims to make human lifestyle better with the help of technology. Our tag-line is Lifestyle Made Easy.

Our current competitions are just focused on a particular industry like salon or gym. But we target all businesses which are part of human lifestyle which includes Salons, Spas, Gyms, Night Clubs, Sports Centers etc.

We also have excellent software for our business partners to make their data/customer management very simple.

Whats is your Current Path & Future Plans ?

 We recently launched salon appointment booking feature on our website to make the appointment booking process more fast and efficient.

Currently we have more than 200 business partners on board with us on huntplex.

Our Facebook page has more than 1000 likes. We receive average 4000 visits per month on the website.

In future we will explore other lifestyle business categories also.

Huntplex wants to encourage people to live a healthy life. We see a problem that people joins a Gym but many of them are not able to continue for months. They quit after 1 or 2 months only. We are trying to figure out the solution for this.

For party people we see a problem where people are not aware about the upcoming parties in their city. We want to solve this thing too.

What Challenges did you face in your Life and during the Startup ?

 Startups journey is always full of challenges. These challenges make your life tough but that’s the essence of it.

We did not faced too much challenges while making the product as we are very good in the technology. But we faced challenges which does not relate to technology.

  • The top challenge we faced that how to convince the business partners. Specially the ones who are big franchises and don’t have time to listen about our product.

We got few rejections in starting. Then we did a lot of homework with our marketing team and figured out the solutions to convince them.

Lesson learnt:- Whenever you speak about your product, tell them why do you exist and what you believe in.

  • Another challenge was to reach out to the users who visits our site. For that we focused on SEO and social media marketing.
  • We faced challenge to hire someone for marketing to do our job as we needed. For that we hired interns from engineering colleges who are enthusiastic for this job. Interns add too much on the table which benefits the product.
  • Another challenge was the money management to run the product. Our current funding source is our company Froiden. We get enough fund from it to survive. Currently we are just focusing on making the product better & better.

There were many few small things which we faced till now. To solve it we simply discussed with our team and co-founders.

There were few moments where we thought its not going good. Should we stop working on this. But then we think about why we started this thing. And those reasons just charge us very much to start again with more focus.

Yes! We are talented but we are much more hardworking and we truly believe we can achieve our goals through hard work.

At the end Abhinav Shared a few kind words About VID:-

1 or 2 months back I read an article about Shikhar Dhawan on this blog. From their I got to know about this blog. All the articles here are the ones which will inspire and motivate you to do something good about your life. You guys are doing a great job!!

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Thank you for giving us your precious time Abhinav, We wish you and your team all the very best with your venture.

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