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An Interesting Success Story about the Owner of Parle Bisleri: Jayanti Chauhan

Jayanti Chauhan is a woman of substance who knows how to balance her work life and personal life well. Her success story in this article takes you to newer heights of confidence. She inspires women in many ways. Read further to know more about her.

Full Name: Jayanti Chauhan

Company: Parle Bisleri

Position: Director for Parle Bisleri

What Do You Know About Jayanti Chauhan?

Jayanti Chauhan is the owner of Parle Bisleri Company. She is the daughter of Parle Bisleri’s founder, Ramesh Chauhan. I must admit, a gorgeous woman by mind and personality. Apart from working on the growth of her company, she has a flair for fashion, make-up art, merchandising, and photography. Being the only child to the founder, she has lived with whole-sole responsibilities of running the business as well as her family.

Jayanti has come a long way from learning human resources and recruitment to marketing and business management. She has spent days and nights understand the key structure of her business and trying to help her father ease the burden of various responsibilities. The face behind Parle Bisleri Company is gorgeous, confident, and highly intellectual. Jayanti’s success story is a perfect definition of beauty with brains.

It is easy to excuse her success with her father’s strong support and background. However, there are very few children, who understand the efforts of their family behind this success. It takes courage as well as determination to stand up and take the lead to continue business, rather enjoying the success on the parent’s goodwill. Jayanti Chauhan has proven to be a responsible woman in her family.

In one of her interviews, she expressed; “My father never forced me to join his business. Nor was it a planned decision. Since I was always interested in art, fashion and photography, I went ahead to pursue studies in these fields. After I finished university I worked a little bit in fashion industry before I returned to India to start working in the Bisleri factory at the age of 24.”

She began her career in Delhi with her father’s business and then slowly, shifted to Mumbai. Jayanti is highly educated.

Jayanti holds a Masters in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London

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Accomplishments by Jayanti Chauhan :

One of the greatest achievements by Jayanti Chauhan was acknowledged by her own company where she confidently stated; “The brand is not for sale as long as I am alive. Give me four years and you will see a different avatar of Bisleri.” Today, she is a strong contender to her competitors. She had no magical wand to beat the stiff competition. Jayanti has learnt a long way by attending every meeting with her father and participating in every suggestion. Slowly, she started getting more experienced in game-changing strategies to pull business up.

After attending nonstop conferences and calls, today Bisleri has become an international brand aiming to capture 100% share in Indian market. Bisleri is actually an Italian company that was launched by Parle group in Mumbai, 1965.

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What motivates us from their success story?

It’s easy to note down few things about the success of these amazing personalities in their respective businesses; however, it’s an amazing feeling to relate to their determination. I can understand the pressure of business in Jayanti Chauhan’s mind and the stress of taking it forward. She has managed brilliantly this far, and I am sure she will continue to do so. Instead of boasting about her skills, she prefers to speak through her action. That’s one of the ideal qualities of a true leader in corporate world. It is doubtless to admit that she is the ‘Generation Next’ talked woman of Bisleri International.

Her story could be simple to understand but, challenging to relate to. We often excuse ourselves from taking up responsibility and find ways to hide our lack of confidence. Very few people like Jayanti realize that unless you deal with your inner beliefs, no one will believe in you.

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