Karishma Shahani Khan Ka Sha

Creative Designer Karishma Shahani Khan Turns Designs into Dreams

You don’t need excuses to add colors in your life and this is exactly what Karishma conveys through her success story.

Name: Karishma Shahani Khan

Profession: Creative Fashion Designer, Owner of क-श Ka-Sha brand

About Karishma Shahani Khan:

Karishma Shahani Khan is a young talented fashion designer who believes in adding colors to people’s life in the most subtle manner. Karishma was highly attracted to colors and she found a new way of mixing these in fabrics. She believes in collecting the finest handcrafted pieces and follows a No Waste Policy.

She is highly addicted to Indian culture and colors. Her designs mostly represent Indian origin. She has a beautiful boutique in Pune and keeps traveling to and fro Mumbai. Karishma Khan is a fashion graduate from the London College of Fashion. Despite the overseas education, Karishma speaks like a complete Indian.

Her motto of working is to follow an organic way of designing, without much of fabric wastage. She has been honored and rewarded for the Best Surface Textiles and also credited for the Fashion Graduate of the Year. Karishma launched her brand, Ka-Sha in 2011 and also displayed some of her masterpieces at some of the prominent shows like; Lakme Fashion Week, Wills India Fashion Week, and Pune Fashion Week.

If you wish to see/buy some of her designed garments, you may visit her studio in Pune or visit stores at Laki Noon in Kuwait, Nautanky in Ahmedabad, Bombay Electric and Colaba. Catch up on her work at her facebook page: क श Karishma Shahani

Karishma is among the young achievers. Her name appears in the 30 under 30, Forbes India Magazine. If you check some of her artwork in the world of fashion designing, you would not deny the title given to her, ‘She is a Designer not just a Label’.

Her team of the brand क-श Ka-Sha focuses mainly on the customer comforts that include; the skin tone, figure, sensuality, and culture at the same time. The objective of the brand is to help the dealers have a fair trade that benefits the young designers at the grass root level. Her combination of culture and modernity is a perfect blend that reflects in her designs.

Motivational Factor:

Young successful girls are a big inspiration to me. Being a woman, I can relate the challenges, especially in a glamor industry. Karishma Shahani Khan carries her brand and people recognize her by her work. She is a responsible designer who has clear and pure thoughts in terms of working with people. Her sincerity reflects in her wok.

Personally, I love fashion designers who are go getters. They have a different vision to see the world. Their world is full of colors and they are lost to bring colors in people’s life. Being a shopaholic, I have never commented on any brand, as I know the intensity behind those designs. It takes a good amount of hard work from the point of designing till the selection of the fabric and its finishing.

Karishma is a sweet girl full of thoughts that occupy her all the time. More than her profits, she has been sensitive in bringing a clear understanding between the struggling designers and customers. Her designs are appreciated and admired by people who follow simplicity in the modern fashionable manner.

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I feel amazed to know that such a young mind can be so thoughtful. Her first collection; ‘Yatra’ brought her an amazing level of recognition. It is no doubt that Karishma is a self-starter in her field and she has bypassed all the challenges posed in her career. When it comes to choosing the right clothes for me, I prefer to be classy and sober. I am very choosy in selecting garments. The designer should be intellectual enough to understand her audience.

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There are some designers who follow appealing designs as per their target audience and then there are designers like Karishma Shahani Khan, who is sensitive keeping in mind the entire audience at large. Her designs are comfortable, subtle, and meant for the common audience. Fashion designing is an art that trains you to understand people emotions through their attire.

I wish Karishma all the best for her future endeavors and hope that she comes up with many more brand names in the near future. I am eagerly waiting for more positive designs from her which will bring some fresh air in my wardrobe.

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