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How Kirthiga Reddy, the CEO of “Facebook India” became one of the Most Influential Women of India?

The success story of Kirthiga Reddy truly inspires the young aspiring women of India. Her journey of success will lead you to new dreams of achievements.

Name: Kirthiga Reddy

Place of Birth: Chennai, India

Profession: Managing Director, Facebook India

Facts and Journey of Kirthiga Reddy:

Kirthiga Reddy is a well renowned businesswoman of India and a managing director of Facebook, India. She has lately taken a challenging role of CEO at Facebook, India. Kirthiga has two pretty daughters, Ariya and Ashna.

Kirthiga Reddy is born and raised in India. Her parents belonged to a middle-class family and she was always expected to do little sacrifices in life to cover the household expenses. Kirthiga’s father served as a Government employee. She is a Bachelor in computer engineering from Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s College of Computer Science and Information Technology Nanded, Maharashtra.

Post her graduation, she moved to Nagpur with her parents. After some assistance to Yashavant Kanetkar on books on programming examples, she then moved to the United States of America. Kirthiga completed her Master’s in business administration, Stanford University and her M.S. in computer engineering, Syracuse University.

Reddy has hands on experience in some top notch companies like Motorola and Silicon Graphics. She was the only woman in her team to have accomplished this level of success and became the youngest director in the field of engineering. Reddy is also the first employee of India, who has worked for a multinational giant at this level. She began her career with Facebook from the scratch. Reddy has made amazing contribution to the global operation of India.

Reddy is very soon shifting to US again and join Facebook’s headquarters. This is one of the major evidences for her level of expertise that Facebook is hiring her at her headquarters.

A few words in excitement shared by Reddy in one of her interviews were; “When my family relocated to India, we knew that we would move back to the US someday. It’s a bittersweet moment to share that the return timeframe is coming up in the next 6-12 months. Our two daughters start high school and middle school this coming year — which serves as a natural transition point to make this move back.” (via

Achievements and Rewards:

There are innumerable appreciations and rewards won by Kirthiga, however, the title of Fortune India’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women made her proud of her accomplishments. Her name is also listed among India’s 25 Most Influential Women.

She gives the credit to have a supportive husband, Dev and thanks god for a wonderful partner like him.

Motivational Factor:

There was a time when Facebook did not have any office in India and did not know how to communicate business with the country. Many pet projects have proved to be a failure and that was the time when Reddy accepted the challenge to take up the opportunity of communicating from India with the Facebook abroad.

Although, her career graph is amazingly rising, what is more exciting to see is her confidence level. Her confidence level kept increasing with her achievements. It only shows that she is willing to face tougher battles in USA, being an Indian.

The success journey from an Indian to a USA citizen has not been easy for Kirthiga. Shifting from one place to another and yet showing the same responsive attitude in her studies reflects in her daughters too. She is pretty happy with the fact that her daughters are equally excited and happy to relocate to USA. It brings her more opportunities as a CEO and gives her increased freedom to work. It is doubtless that racism has always been an issue with Indians in the overseas countries. But, only a few can win others` hearts by their exceptional skills and dedication.

Reddy’s journey of starting from the scratch at Facebook somewhere relates mine. When I came alone with my 5 month baby from Punjab to Maharashtra, it was difficult to get back to a good role as many firms considered me a single and dependent parent. Already a trainer for many years, I had to start from the scratch by being an advisor to the company. Initially, it was embarrassing to sit with people and work, who were once my students and trainees. It took me 5 years to accomplish the role of a trainer again.

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