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Meet Kshitij Marwah, CEO of Tesseract.in, MIT Technology Review’s Top 35 Innovator Under The Age of 35 (2017) and Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) Awardee, Success Story

About Kshitij Marwah

Kshitij Marwah 29, CEO of Tesseract.in is amongst the 35 innovators of MIT who is just 35 (2017) years of age. The winner of Forbes 30 under 30 (2018) and head of MIT Media lab initiative 2012 – 2016, Kshitij Marwah is fond of inventing products that are technologically impressive and mixed with reality. The interactive design of his artificial intelligence model grabbed the attention of several international companies towards him.

Kshitij Marwah had always been a normal student during his studentship. However, he did manage to get admission in IIT Delhi. Surprisingly, he was amongst the last three students of his class. However, his perseverance and hard work gave him opportunity to visit Harvard Medical School to study computer science along with working with doctors to explore new life avenues. He described that part of his life as fundo work and a life changing opportunity.

Kshitij Marwah’s life in IIT Delhi

He was not in the list to visit Howard Medical University. However, he was absolutely determined to create some awesome project. He was having the entire clue to do things in his mind. He states that his project created certain controversies which expelled him from IIT Delhi. There is an absolute difference between the Indian and foreign culture States Kshitij. At the little age of 19 years old, Kshitij Marwah bagged Google progeny award for creating an application in remote collaborative manipulation. The content was good and was created along with IBM on a topic named hyper speech Internet for emerging countries.

Marwah has always been very innovative and his thinking. He believes that the best magic can be created with amalgamation of Technology design and creativity. Only if three are combined together, it can bring seamless progression and Indian economy.

Exploring Stanford and Graduation

During the seventh semester, Kshitij visited Stanford University for 8 month Fellowship. He immediately grabbed the opportunity and learned about collaboration and working with multidisciplinary Team. The project and learning had nothing to do with his IIT-D graduation. Therefore, when he was back for his graduation ceremony, students were lined particularly on the basis of their academic / Grade. And since, Marwah was not a part of his college for those months; he did not receive good marks and was amongst the last few students of the class. Somehow, he manipulated his result and told that he was among the top three students of his class. Mockingly, he was amongst the last three students which his father doesn’t know till date.

Marwah states that one of the most beneficial learning received was at Stanford. He experienced the cultural shift and the gap between him and his family. Those things were enough to seep change in the little boy. Instead of getting a dream job in IIT Delhi, he chose to spend next six months and doing photography and traveling Europe. (Source YourStory)

Linkage with MIT Media Lab

MIT Media lab did sound impressive for Kshitij. However, it gave him somewhat negative impression as MIT Media lab was particularly chosen by the nerds of the college. Somehow, he got motivated with the advice of his friends and did apply for it. He was traveling somewhere in the mountains of North India when MIT professor called him for an interview in the beginning of 2011. Despite being unsure, he accepted the interview offer and visited the lab. He met 5 experts from different fields; Doctor, photographer, engineer, material scientist and designer. Sometimes he used to question himself about the reality of photography. He often felt confused whether photography was a form of art or Science.

He finally felt that MIT Media lab was full of people like him. There were experts who did not lay much emphasis on academic. Everyone wanted to create something different every time. Even the head of the institution was a college dropout. Everybody was involved in inventing something or the other different and unique. Instead of choosing to work hard till 50 years of age to make money, marwah chose a smart way to do some philanthropy.

Managing of the MIT Media lab Initiative

Right after coming back to India, Kshitij Marwah launched the first design workshop. He wanted to take photography to next level. The main goal was not to open a typical MIT Media lab in India but to consolidate photographic avenues across the country. He wanted students to express themselves using MIT media platform. He believed that if someone place in the corporate world, he was a perfect individual to be a part of MIT Media lab.

The first workshop of MIT Media lab India initiative received more than 4000 applications which ended up selecting just 200 students in all. It took marwah 5 days to create an entire mix of designers, Artist and engineer to work on 30 projects. One of the best team mates was Anirudh Sharma who took the leading position in the projects. He also created a new company called ducere that created sensorial assistive devices for visually impaired individuals. Aniruddha is currently working up on fluid interfaces as a part of MIT Media lab.

The main intent of MIT Media lab was to identify students like Anirudh. Fortunately, Marwah came up with another workshop in Delhi and Bangalore.

The Present and Future Scenario

Marwah working culture has always been quite interesting. He has been a part of camera culture group regulated by Ramesh Sarkar who was an associate professor of MIT Media lab. He had tremendous love for photography which helped him to design light field camera Technology. It allows the users to capture 3D pictures in high resolution and refocus upon shots even after they have been captured.

  • Currently, marwah is working to make multi view 3D photography simple.
  • He is also commercializing mobile Digital Photography and be focusing upon 3D effects.
  • Furthermore, he is trying to change the hardware innovation status with methane 360 3d cameras.
  • Working as CEO of tesseract a leading website which provides all the latest news about him.
  • The VR startup is yet another important move that is Moon expected from the End of Kshitij.

He is working providing better technological aspects to Indian subcontinent. The new virtual reality camera service from India is expected to soon get launched in the market. The business tycoon made multi view 3D photography simple and helped Tesseract the better avenues of success.

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