Malini Agarwal Teaches to Grab Success and Recognition Together

The story of Malini Agarwal is no common. She explains how a hobby can lead you to massive success and recognition.

Name: Malini Agarwal

Date of Birth: 26th May, 1977

Place of Birth: Allahabad, UP, India

Occupation: CEO and Founder of MissMalini.com

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Who is Malini Agarwal?

Malini Agarwal comes from the State of Allahabad. She is a celebrity blogger, and the founder of MissMalini.com. Prior to launching the site, she worked as a RJ for WIN 94.6 (now known as GO 92.5 and Radio One 94.3). Malini has also hosted a few Television series like Horn OK Pleace, Tiger Time with Malini, Overdrive, and a few more.

There are many other roles that she is experienced in such as; Head of Digital Content in Channel V, Programming Director, etc. Malini is one of the youngest and most recognized women entrepreneurs in India. Her website covers latest news and gossips on Bollywood. Her success story and her achievements must reach out to people, so that the youth can take some inspiration from her, especially the young girls.

Her work is regularly featured along with her blog on various digital and print fashion magazines such as; Elle, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Femina, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamrs.com and many more.

In regard to her education, she has graduated from Delhi University and has attained majors in English Literature. She has also attained Bachelor of Arts.

Family Background:

Malini’s parents have worked with the Indian Foreign Affairs and thus, she has traveled a lot due to her father’s postings. She has changed her schools a couple of times and was very happy to have collected knowledge and experience from different teachers.

She is known to have dated and married to Nowshad Rizwanullah. Malini is all tied up with her current business and cannot think of having babies till she accomplishes her future goals.

Motivational Factor:

If you are still confused of who is Malini Agarwal, then she is the future star of Indian entertainment sector. Malini is one of those rare names, who believe in achieving goals and then making it loud. She does not believe in publicizing herself till she knows that she has reached that level of success.

I love her for the fact that she is super confident who believes in herself irrespective of the challenges around. Malini’s efforts and confidence did not pose much of a struggle to find funds for her blog, MissMalini.com. The blog has reached a level, where it receives invitations to cover international fashion events like Cape Town Fashion Week.

Malini is an excellent example to show how a woman alone can climb up the success ladder. The idea of blogging did not come to Malini merely from business perspective. She has taken this up as a hobby and was unaware of the glory it will bring her. Malini inspires me to become a woman of substance.

Sometimes in the midst of life’s battles, we often forget to breathe. We keep fighting like a warrior, but still fail to realize that we must breathe as well in between. Malini shows how little breathers in life can make you feel special for yourself. We must take a break when life seems tough. We must do things that bring peace and harmony to us.

Today, her blog covers leading newspapers, magazines, websites, and other blogs. She is a woman who provides the entertainment news in the most entertaining style. Her excellent command over language and her communication skills do not even let the celebrities get offended by the gossips updated on her blog. She rates every gossip as a healthy gossip.

One thing I truly admire about Malini is that she is highly determined and focused. I am sure we all need to have that once in life. We often make the mistake of following the principle of ‘Living Life to the Fullest.’ According to what I have learnt from Malini, living life to the fullest means to make full advantage of the opportunities that strike you in life. She has done the same and this is why she can confidently inspire others to follow the same rule.

Malini is not only the hope of future generation, but she is also the current pride of womanhood. I am sure many of us would wish to see ourselves in Malini’s position at a young age, but the question is how many of us are still wishing for it, and how many of us have already began our paths towards success?

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