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Malvinder Mohan Singh : From Selling Away The Family Business To Building The Biggest Healthcare Company

Malvinder Mohan Singh is one of the few Indian businessmen with the capability to take brave decisions. His foresightedness makes him competitive and much aggressive. He sold his multi-million dollar family business Ranbaxy to start something new and dynamic. He maintains a classic rapport with his brother Shivinder who is also the key decision maker in the family business.

Malvinder Mohan Singh is an Indian Businessman who looks at thing differently; he aims to make money but at the same time wants to be soaring higher and higher. Stagnant growth and slow growth rate do not excite him anymore; he wants to see the markets roaring with his value increasing day by day.

From where does Malvinder gets that business expertise?

Malvinder Mohan Singh went to Doon School in Dehradun and from there he went to St. Stephens College in Delhi for completing his graduation in Economics. He has been very vocal about the business expertise he acquired while being in college.

Business expertise was already in his genes, the graduation in economy inspired the instinct of profit making and since then he has always been aiming to generate profit for himself and for the people who works for him.

Selling off the successful family business and starting new things:

Malvinder is unpredictable just like his brother Shivinder; together they make a pair of balls that are pro-profit and anti-loss. Together they have taken decisions that have left the world flabbergasted and amazed. While generations of businessmen tend to keep what their forefather starter, this pair of businessmen was keen to sell away the popular family business Ranbaxy when it ran into loss only for a single financial year. The decision left the intellectuals and experts from the business world astound but since then things have been working in the favor of brothers and they are doing really good in all fronts of their life.

fortis hospitals

The tale of managing a family business is way different from the contemporary situation, younger brother Shivinder has left entrepreneurial world in order to devote his services to a particular satsang. Malvinder alone handles all the business related deals and ensures that the things are tight.

The new and successful business:

Today Malvinder Mohan Singh heads the Healthcare company Fortis. The company has 55 hospitals in 55 different cities of the world. Malvinder singh has worked ambitiously for the expansion of this business and he has made the brand a success. Malvinder is very much concerned about the growing health sector hence aims to provide people with guaranteed health and ensures that everyone gets to enjoy the best possible health care.

The Healthcare company Fortis operates in 10 distinct companies and has a revenue over $1 Billion, out of which a huge share comes from Indian subcontinent. With over more than 3000 beds this healthcare company has their priorities very clear.

What the world thinks of Malvinder Mohan Singh?

Malvinder Mohan Singh is no philanthropist but a businessman with a good heart. The attempts he makes to leverage the countrymen with quality health service is not only inspiring but also remarkable. He has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs who all are seeking opportunities to make a mark and bring in the requisite change.

The world reckons Malvinder Mohan Singh as someone who can stir the future of a company in the decided direction. His amazing business expertise and foresightedness has helped him erect a business as successful as Fortis. Its been only a decade and Fortis is world’s one of the highest profitable healthcare company, all because of the focus on quality and the simple motif of serving a great experience.

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