Mayank Kachhwaha

Mayank Kachhwaha is the Latest Solution of Online Loans and Related Profits

Mayank’s successful career story is an eye opener to many, who are struggling to make an impact in the online business, especially in Ecommerce. This story will also greatly help those seeking loans. Perhaps, reading his story would help you to understand a few logics.

Name: Mayank Kachhwaha

Age: 29

Occupation: Co-Founder of IndiaLends, an Ecommerce business

IndiaLends :

About Mayank Kachhwaha:

Mayank Kachhwaha is the Co-Founder of IndiaLends, an online Ecommerce business. He is a graduate from IIT-Madras. Mayank and his partner, Gaurav Chopra have come a long way after they launched the IndiaLends business in March 2015. The business mainly deals with assisting people who submit applications online for loans. It is one of the most veracious sites that help people to get low rate loans approval and connects the customers with reputed lenders for lower risk returns.

There is a stringent method that takes place for both, customers and lenders before the loan process begins. The bank statements, salary structure, income standards and all such methods are well verified by IndiaLends. Presently, Mayank’s company is dealing with 10 banks and several NBFCs.

In one of the websites, he confidently stated; “We analyze not just bank statements [of customers] but also transaction activities and come out with personalized EMIs. Utility bills and phone bills can be used to build credit-risk models.” One of the most convenient features by IndiaLends is that it helps to disburse loans within 2 days, which is pretty expeditious than any other banks.

The company has a staff which is level-headed, energetic, young, and dynamic. Currently, more number of investors are looking to invest in this business as they see a good scope for the company. So far, IndiaLends has surprisingly served over 3000 borrowers and generated $1 million+ from the investors.

The reliability and efficiency of the company speaks the efforts of the co-founders like; Mayank Kachhwaha and Gaurav Chopra. In leisure time, Mayank enjoys playing guitar and keyboard. At times, the inside DJ that comes out in front of friends and loved ones. This could be one of the reasons why he has a calm and patient forehead when it comes to dealing with challenging situations.

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Motivational Factor:

Mayank is truly a gem of a person. He disappoints those who believe that people related to finance and e-commerce are boring. Mayank handles risk modeling, BASEL capital modeling, fraud risk management, product valuations, and loss forecasting like a piece of cake.

His blogs will help you to understand how simple can a loan process be and how easily you can get out of it. Fortunately, Indians are trained to value money and understand the benefits of savings right from childhood. It is one of the reasons why we make a habit of putting money in our piggy-banks. Despite the training and guidance from experienced in every step, somewhere in life as adults, we realize that it is difficult to manage our own finances.

One of the secrets that I have learnt from the posts by Mayank Kachhwaha is that we must learn the art of savings and refresh the childhood memories, if we wish to get a loan smoothly. This must begin right from the point we enter the youth life. Unfortunately, the majority of the loan applications get rejected for no proper monthly savings, despite a steady job. It is one key area which needs a close focus.

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Mayank brilliantly explains the importance of savings for our own future. Honestly, I am sure you would not disagree with the fact that loans are meant for people who can afford to repay, rather people who cannot afford. Thus, how much savings you have in your life matters a lot!

Stop using your credit cards and do not rely on postdated income. Ideally, we all are living in the moment like laborers. If we break our salary, we work and spend more money compared to a day’s salary. While reaching the month end, we realize either we are in debt, or have no money at all.

This guy has an amazing mind to think rationally and have lived intellectually. His concept on savings and ideologies on making money has helped many people in getting their loans sanctioned smoothly. Trust me, if we all follow a simple rule of savings, we will be eligible to take loans and will turn rich enough to repay it. Understand your savings well, before you end up making blunders and feel frustrated for no money in your hands.

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