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You will Start Believing in Miracles after Reading Clovia’s Success Story

The success mantra of Clovia is simple to follow but, extremely effective if you take it seriously. Take a look and let us know what you think about it.

Company: Clovia

Owner of Clovia: Neha Kant


What Do You Know About Clovia?

Clovia is a big name in e-commerce for Lingerie. Neha Kant, the owner of Clovia, defines lingerie not just a clothing to cover your private parts, but an apparel to bring back your confidence and mood. It is no doubt that comfort is a priority, but well-fitted and sexy lingerie lifts your personality within.

Lingerie at Clovia brings every day with a fresh beginning. When Neha was travelling abroad, she checked various lingerie shops and realized the difference between the variety in India and abroad. There was a big difference between the two countries. She realized that shopkeepers were more helpful in finding the right inner-wear abroad than the shopkeepers in India. Well, we can’t blame only the Indian sales professionals, as most of the Indian women still feel shy to describe their body measurements.

Neha understood this gap well and came up with the concept of online lingerie shopping. It provides comfort, privacy, and variety along with many other advantages. Although, Neha’s family background consisted of more of engineers, she wanted to do something different. Things were pretty challenging initially, but seeing her passion and dreams, she was understood by her family in the later stages.

It is Neha’s ambitious nature that brought her this success. In one of her interviews, she spoke about her success mantra; “Hard work was the only ticket to success. This made me competitive and ambitious right from the start.”

Neha completed her education in science; however did not pursue her further education in engineering like her other family members. She completed her graduation from Delhi University and studied MBA furthermore.

Clovia is a brand that manufactures its own products with imported fabrics. They import laces, satins, and other inner-wear fabrics and then put their best designs. Clovia promised you a variety of over 200 styles every month and not many of their designs are repeated.

The company has an efficient team and is headed by Aditya. They started on a low not, but today the team strength has come up to 100+ employees. The team works closely with each other and connects well. They come up with the gaps and challenges in business, then sit together to think of innovative solutions. Their team unity is one of the major reasons behind their success story.

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Future Goals:

Clovia is thinking of innovative ways to release limited editions, exclusive lingerie collection, and more variety in the near future. The recent news of February in Business Standard announced that Clovia is likely to expand its production limit to 12 lakhs per month. Now, this is some future planning!

What motivates us from their success story?

The story is simple; hard-work leads you to success. Neha owns Clovia’s online store solely and she didn’t take any help from her family or friends. Her own experience and instinct led her to this level of achievement.

To share another fact, the company outsources its produced products in over 16 factories. The brand is in a successful position to compete with well-established competitors like; Zivame, Straps and Strings, Cilory, and PrettySecrets.

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I am impressed that opening a challenging business of sensitive style of clothing, especially in a country like India where women are not very open was touched by a woman itself. Neha has beautifully and very expressively climbed her success ladder with great confidence and belief in herself. She could have easily approached her parents and followed their track by being an engineer. However, she knew that her road to success was different than her family.

Clovia has not only marked their own future, but also helped many women to get their dream lingerie without revealing private data in public. I am glad that we have online stores like Clovia, where shopping is not only comfortable but also confidential.

If you have something in mind, it is important to believe that you are sure about it. Do not believe in what others say, but believe in you! There may come many barriers, but you need to keep going. This is my message from the success story of Clovia.

Viral Indian Diary wishes the team of Clovia a very successful career ahead.

image credit : Tech in asia

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