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Nikita Singh : One of the Youngest Indian Novelist; She wrote her First Book “Love @Facebook” When She was Just 19 years Old

The goddess of racy reads, darling of Indian publishing industry and what not! Nikita not only rules the bestseller list with her fast paced novels but also a million hearts!

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Nikita Singh has eight bestseller novels in her satchel. Her latest book Like a Love Song debuted at number 3 at Hindustan Times Best Seller list. Nikita Singh is just 24 and has eight bestseller novels to her name but she is yet to decide whether she wants to take writing as a full time career option or not.

Nikita Singh was born in Patna, Bihar, India on 6th October 1991 but her parents relocated to Indore four years after her birth. Nikita completed her primary education in Indore and went to Ranchi for her further schooling but ended up doing her graduation in Pharmacy from a reputed college in Indore, life literally came a full circle for her!

The first book and the instant fame:

Nikita wrote her first book Love @Facebook when she was 19 years old and was pursuing her graduation. Her novel struck an exquisite chord with the audience from around the country. Indian publishing industry was going through a phenomenal change when her first novel was released. Authors like Durjoy Dutaa, Ravinder Singh and Tushar Raheja were re-writing the rules of the Indian publishing industry.

Nikita was lucky enough to be at right place at the right time. Since the success of her first book, she never looked back; soon she went on to sign a contract with Penguin Books in 2011 and handled entrepreneurial role at Grapevine India with Durjoy Dutta and Sachin Garg.

Soon Nikita decided to concentrate on her writing career and gave away the roles at Grapevine; following Durjoy Dutta also left Grapevine for his writing career in TV industry; today the founding member Sachin Garg handles the firm and aims to leverage young and talented writers with the requisite platform.

More Books and a Co-Author:

Nikita didn’t stop there! She continued writing more books and acquiring more fame. Nikita even co-authored a book with the publisher’s favorite Durjoy Dutta. The book named If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love acquired inspiring response from people across the world. Durjoy Dutta, at that point of time used to co-author books with female writers hence a lot of mystery was also attached with the book.

If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love is one of the best works of Nikita Singh; she also contributed to a unique series started by Grapevine India; the initiative made writers write under their pen name.

Nikita Singh has been a winner of Live India Young Achievers Award for the year of 2013.

Nikita Singh seems to going places with her exquisite tales of romance and with the increasing fan base. Boys on social media are fan of her beauty and finds solace in her one reply to their admiring comments. Nikita Singh never disappoints any of her fans. She is always on her toe, trying to reply most of them and when it comes to book launches, Nikita is all up for a selfies or two.

Nikita has surely struck a chord with the contemporary generation maybe because she is one of them and understands the complicated love, career and relationships issues quite well or simply because she had access to a library with more than 12,000 books during her childhood.

A proud Indian:

Nikita is in United States these days but nothing stops her from reading about her country and sharing her opinion on the same. Be it about Modi in America or about hypocrisy of Amir on AIB Roast, Nikita has used social media platforms quite well for sharing her views. The good thing about her opinion is that it reflects the thought of a modern Indian youth hence the secret to her successful career as an Author is out!

The Indian Writer in United States of America:

Nikita is in United States of America these days, reports suggests that she is studying Creative Writing there. Nikita surely misses being in India during Diwali, Holi or when Team India is playing a cricket match but she takes pleasure in introducing American people to the concepts and traditions that runs our exquisite motherland.

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How we see the success of Nikita?

As a writer, Nikita has achieved everything any other Indian writer would like to achieve. Her books have made it to the top three on HT list and a fan base that can kill on one order from the Queen.

Nikita is here to stay and with her skill improvement courses, she is only going to surprise us more and more.

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