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Parm Gill is a Multi-Talented Personality Serving as an Advisor, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Inventor in Canada

Parm Gill’s success story is short, sweet, and very informative for those who are looking to make a career in business. The young and inspiring businessmen will surely find this motivational.

Profession: Advisor, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Inventor

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Interesting Facts about Parm Gill :

Parm Gill has been working as a Serial Technology entrepreneur, since many years in Canada. He has helped numerous companies in their growth and development. Gill is also a managing partner of the Gill Group. The fresher in the business seek his mentor-ship, guidance, and support before they begin business.

Gill enjoys the ownership of a number of patents and there are still many in the process. All these are at international jurisdictions. Gill is also the co-founder of Cyberus Online Inc., since 1995. It is one of the fastest growing online companies in Canada. His experience and expertise cannot be challenged even by the top notch companies. His company has expanded to 17 cities across Canada, which is a tremendous achievement.

Parm has acted as a VP to merge and acquire, a company based in Dallas Texas. He is also the founder and director of ToPeer Corporation, which began in 2004. The company specializes in focusing on private cloud Internet Technology solutions. There are many more things that Parm handles exceptionally well. His experience shows his compassionate nature and his dedication towards Canada.

To tell you more, Parm is also a member of the Advisory Board for a number of freshly startup companies. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors of Venture, Canada. In his other spare time, he also focuses on the various charitable trusts and fund raising organizations to help start the new businesses. Gill works simultaneously with local organizations like Ottawa Network for Education as a part of fund raising committee, Hub Ottawa, and ArtEngine.

Parm follows ideologies and thoughtfulness of Mahatma Gandhi and admires him a lot. He truly believes that we must unite together and focus towards uplifting women and children of the country, especially those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and emotional support. His numerous efforts and contributions have not gone in vain. People in Canada know him as one of the prestigious personalities and hold good respect for him.

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Motivational Factor:

Every time I write about these Canadian entrepreneurs and political leaders, somewhere it gives me great satisfaction to see that Indians are progressing so beautifully abroad. When you plan to launch a business, it takes immense courage to face the challenges, especially when it is in a country abroad. Parm has always followed his heart and trusted his instinct.

Most of the entrepreneurs are running business with the objective of taking advantage of their own. However, Parm Gill is among those rare people who meet their objectives keeping in mind the dreams of others. Opening a business is not just like packing your bags and moving out of the house; it needs proper planning, packing, organizing, and executing of your ideas.

Having passed through the struggling phase, I can relate how difficult it is to standstill in business and handle various things at a time. It is easy for people to comment at one error made; however very few people notice the hard work behind a genuine smile. Those who have a strong vision and sharp eyes like Parm are successful in business today.

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Pam has not only learnt the language of business, but also learnt the emotions of people in Canada well. The first essence to start a business is to respect people’s emotions and understand their needs. If you follow this, you will eventually notice the increasing number of supporters for your business. Despite belonging to the Indian origin, Parm has genuinely shown his hard work, dedication and effortless performance in Canada.

He is an amazing person who understands customer base, preferences, behavior and the market so well. Parm has come a long way in his career and I know it is not easy to reach this level of success, unless you have the strength to hold strong. I wish I ever get a chance to meet Parm Gill and understand a few things about business from him. A sharp minded and experienced man like him is needed in every country. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors and truly hope that he does well in his further goals too.

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