Amul R.S. Sodhi

The Success Story of Amul’s Managing Director ‘R.S. Sodhi’ – Also read his opinion on GST on behalf of Amul

Name: R. S Sodhi

Nationality: Indian

Company: Amul

Head Quarters: Gujarat

Position: Managing Director

What Do You Know About R. S. Sodhi?

Mr. R.S. Sodhi is working as a managing director for Amul (also recognized as Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation). He joined the company in 2011. Prior to being promoted as an MD, Sodhi has also served as a CGM and GM to Amul Ltd. He is associated with one of the leading FMCG segments that enjoy a sales turnover of Rs.38 crore and consistent revenue of Rs.27 crore. Due to his excellent duties and services, Mr. Sodhi is enjoying an extension of 5 more years in the company. He gives credit to his mentor, Dr. Verghese Kurein for all that he has learnt till date.

Talking about his personality, Sodhi is a calm headed person who loves to take challenges in an easy-going manner. His work and accomplishments never found a need to be in the limelight. It’s his generosity and hard work that has brought his success story to people. He is a man of substance who doesn’t believe in boasting about his dedication and achievements.

For those who dream of working in a huge firm like AMUL, it’s a pride moment for Sodhi to have worked for a truly deserving company. The company and Sodhi compliment each other well. Under his guidance and managerial skills, many people have learnt to become professional leaders in Amul and various other similar firms. Amul is proud to have him as their Managing Director.

In the recent board meeting by the directors of Amul, it was mutually decided to extend Sodhi’s services for another 5 years. This is a proof to know his sincere efforts and dedication towards work. Being the MD of Amul, Sodhi manages various sectors such as, sales and development, HR and recruitment, marketing and advertising, etc. Due to his key skills, the company has managed to deliver its products even to the remotest areas and towns. In return, the firm has enjoyed increased employment rate. As a result, there has been a tremendous change in the financial growth of Amul.

Sodhi speaks good English, Hindi, and Punjabi. He belongs to a Sikh family. The last college he attended was Institute of Rural Management, Anand.

‘In a recent meet, Sodhi announced that there won’t be any major changes in the revenue of Amul after the practice of GST.’

He beautifully highlighted that the consumers will be benefited on some products. For instance, on one side the company has increased the prices of Ghee, whereas on the other side due to GST, they have reduced the prices on milk products by 5%. It is so because the milk products are listed under a low tax slab. The prices are quite transparent and easy to understand.

The latest initiative that Sodhi took for Amul is the expansion plan of its chocolate production. Sodhi said in a meeting that Amul will be focusing on adding five more plants in different locations of India such as Gujarat, Pune, West Bengal, Mumbai, and Kerala. Many such initiatives taken by Sodhi have made the company go gaga over him.

What motivates us from their success story?

It’s a short but, brilliant story to know how a common man can think so uncommonly for his company. Although, it’s teamwork at the end of the day, what is important to notice in R. S. Sodhi’s success story is that you must always focus on the company’s progress than your own. We often keep striving towards our promotion and our incentives. Very few people think that focusing on solving the company’s issues will generate its revenue, which in return will benefit all.

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Apart from that, his way of handling news and challenging situations is brilliant! In one of the recent news, he beautifully calmed the agitated farmers by assuring that Gujarat will never have any shortage of milk and there is nothing to be panicked about. He is clear with his calculations and numbers that make people trust him. To know more about Sodhi sir, you must read the news on Amul Company regularly.

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