Raam Reddy

Raam Reddy Makes the Telugu Film Industry Proud by His Work

Raam Reddy’s success story brings fresh air in the entertainment industry with more hopes and recognition at International level.

Name: Raam Reddy

Date of Birth: 26

Profession: Director, Producer, Writer, and Author

About Raam Reddy:

Raam Reddy is one of the youngest filmmakers who have attained this success at international level. He released his debut novel ‘It’s Raining in Maya’, when he was just 19. After directing in several short films, Raam is recognized for his clear and precise details in his films. Reddy has also attained a course in direction, Prague Film School. The idea of film making never hit his mind, until he realized how exciting it was when he launched his first novel. He borrowed a camera from one of his seniors and started making short films to practice direction.  

The first Telugu short film ‘Ika’ brought him many awards at national and international level.

Reddy is a passionate director who looks for clarity and preciseness in his movies.  In his leisure time, Reddy enjoys poetry-writing, wildlife photography, basketball, and tabla. Filmmaking was a blessing to him which reflects in his efforts and experience. If you consider his work in his movie Thithi, although the movie is in Kannada, it could be clearly understood by the common audience as well.

His Novel is a perfect balance of mysticism and myth, where the fantasies become reality. The Novel speaks about a little girl, Aditi, who gets lost in the imaginary town Maya. It is a town where men talk to trees like crazy and women smoke from chillums. While these things are happening, the little girl picks her crayons in her room and starts making her first drawing. With the practice of her drawing, the landscapes become darker and stronger than those which once looked innocent.

His novel is a perfect combination of poetry and theory together. Some parts look highly interesting, while the rest looks attractive from the fiction point of view.

Achievements and Rewards:

His stupendous work in movie Thithi filled his bag with two prestigious awards, Pardo d’oro Cineasti Del Presente Premino Nescens and Swatch First Feature Award, Locarno International Film Festival. It is a Kannada movie, which casted inexperienced actors but, became the first Indian movie after 8 years, which got selected at International competition level.

Thithi Teaser :

In one of the interviews, Reddy stated; “Some of the characters in the film have become symbols to me… I feel blessed to have had the chance to immortalize them. These awards and the overwhelmingly positive response in Locarno signals that the film has had a wonderful start to its journey, and that the collective soul of a magical community will live on.”

Raam Reddy is listed by Forbes India in their 30 under 30 2016 list.

Motivational Factor:

Raam Reddy has earned a good amount of respect by the audience for his clean work in all his projects. He makes his movies involving a large group of the audience that includes international countries too. It is one of this reasons why he is appreciated globally.

If you see him in person, he looks like any other common South Indian, but on sets he is highly professional. Some of his shot films acted like spells of success in the Indian Cinema. This guy surely had some hidden skills which surprises people in every release of his movie. I must say he can be compared to Mr. Amir Khan of being a perfectionist, as that is what he looks in his movie direction.

Talking about his other skills like photography, I am highly impressed and amazed to know the mastery of his every hobby. Check out a few pictures on his website clicked by him and you would know it all. Personally, I am a fan of his wildlife photography. If he considers his art of photography at a professional level, I am sure he will achieve great recognition in that too.

From his successful works and passion for success, he is one of the rare youngsters who believed in achieving first and then dreaming. We often dream most of the times to attain something in life and this result into time wastage. However, those who believe in achieving first and then dreaming relaxed make a big difference in life.

If you believe that life is short, make your own short film and start shooting. Practice your direction to make it perfect and enjoy your victory over all the criticism and comments by the people around you.

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