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Radhika Piramal MD at VIP Industries Success Story

The story is about a strong business bonding between the father and daughter of VIP Industries Ltd. Radhika Piramal, who is a VIP herself, is the future of VIP Industries.

Name: Radhika Piramal

Profession: Managing Director, VIP Industries

What do you know about Radhika Piramal?

Radhika Piramal serves as a Managing Director to VIP Industries Limited. She joined the company in 2010. After performing various roles in the top notch companies like; DGP Securities Ltd, Bain & Company in New York, VIP and Carlton Luggage, Radhika feels proud to join VIP Industries.

Radhika comes from a strong educational background. She is a graduate from the most renowned Oxford University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Radhika considers Warren Buffett as her role model in her business career.

According to the saying; ‘behind every successful man is a woman’, let me change it to; ‘behind every successful daughter is a father.’ Radhika was encouraged by her father, Dilip Piramal to join his luggage company, VIP Industries. He taught one thing to his daughter in business that, it is astonishing to drive expensive cars and sojourn in luxurious hotels, but very rare dynamos know that the real gratification is when you master your time in a systematic manner. That is where we will experience the true essence of a business success.

The experience of a father and the innovative skills of a daughter together make VIP industries, one of the world renowned brands in the world. Radhika is the first person in the industry who launched the idea of funky luggage, gym and duffle bags, backpacks and so on… This was after her father came up with the idea of sky bags from VIP.

Brand Recognition:

Today, VIP is recognized by various names like; Carlton, Skybags, Aristocrat, Alfa, and Caprese. One of the biggest achievements was the launch of women handbags, Caprese in 2012. Radhika very well knew the fact that people rarely buy suitcases and the frequency of the sale will come down due to limited selling. However, there is a massive scope of touching the women target for handbags.

There are many reasons why Radhika is a big name in the global market. Despite the success and glory, Radhika is a simple woman at heart. She has a craze for handbags like any other common girl who loves to make a collection of these in her closet.

Motivational Message:

Not all women enjoy success obtained through their father or husband. There are some who embark their own journey. Radhika Piramal is a name to recognize. She joined the company when it was running under hardships. She is one of the reasons why company is enjoying this splendor today.

It gives me motivation to write more passionately about such women, who make a name on their own. They do not need any additional names to move to greater heights. She is striving hard to sustain the luggage business in the market and her efforts are visible in every goal accomplished by the company.

Radhika is a go-getter in terms of business strategies and she keenly focuses on the company’s progress. She is living a luxurious life and she visualizes the same for all her customers too. This is one of the reasons why the concept of a major brand like Caprese came in her mind. Being a woman, I can very well relate the challenges in balancing the mental, emotional, and physical strength to run a business. Women often suffer from emotional breakdowns in highs and lows of life; however, women like her are popular not only for the business the run, but also for the confidence they deliver in society.

If you ask me that one thing that makes me proud to know about Radhika, it is her confidence and innovative attitude. She has a great amount of self-content and this is the main reason for her success.

Achieving success is difficult only till the time you keep staring at the closed door. Women like Radhika Piramal build bridges, construct doors, and create new opportunities. The story made me feel fresh and helped me to take a sigh of relief from all the hurdles faced in my career.

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