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Rajan Anandan is a Successful Vice President of Google for South East Asia and India Region

Rajan Anandan shares his success story to inspire many young and aspiring professionals, who wish to accomplish their goals sooner.

Name: Rajan Anandan

Origin: Indian (Born in Sri Lanka)

Profession: Managing Director and Vice President of Google, India and South East Asia

Some Facts about Rajan Anandan:

Rajan Anandan is not just a name, but a whole company with it. He is the Vice President and the Managing Director of Google for South East Asia and India region. He is also responsible for the sales and operations of Google in these regions. He is one of the popular investors and advisers for various companies like, TravelKhana, Capillary Technologies, Cardback, and Socialblood. Apart from serving various roles in these companies, he is also a part of the Advisory Board of Sapience Analytics and 24/7 Techies. (CrunchBase)

Talking about his academic life, Rajan is a MSc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Stanford University. He also attained his BSc. in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rajan was born and raised in Sri Lanka.

Rajan’s career graph has played an important role in his success. Prior to joining as a VP to Google, he has worked with some Top notch companies like, Microsoft and Dell, McKinsey & Company, USA. To tell you another interesting fact about Rajan Anandan, he is the son of former Guinness World Records holder, V.S. Kumar Anandan and Manel Anandan. He is married to a lady named, Radhika and has a daughter out of their wedlock.

Rajan has a deep understanding in the field of technology. He has done major investments in various technology sectors of Internet, mobile, and software startups. His experience and background brings him as one of the highly skilled professionals in the world of technology. To tell you a fact, he has invested in more than 45 technological startups in India, as an angel investor. In one of the recent interviews, Rajan mentioned that it’s been nine years that his family is without a television and the reason is that he believes everything is online. The entertainment sector is also completely reliable on internet these days. More than the TV, the youth is stuck to social media and apps. It was one of the best ways to express the importance of internet by Rajan.

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Motivational Factor:

I love to write about people who give a reason of inspiration to hundreds through their stories. What makes me more fascinated is that people like Rajan Anandan make sense. After knowing about him, he is one of those people who believe in hard work and walking against their destinies. We often stick to excuses and blaming our destinies for our failures, whereas the real reason behind your success is how patiently you combine your dreams and reality.

Rajan is not only a good businessman, but also an amazing parent. When he realized that his daughter would stay up at night to watch TV and spend hours in front of that idiot box, he and his wife decided to discard it. His daughter, Maya is now learning how to code and she is an excellent mathematician at the age of 10. During his childhood, Rajan would also study up till late night, while his brother was more inclined towards playing sports.

I strongly believe, we all have that one strong quality in us which will help us to achieve success. We must find that quality in our gene and take it forward. Rajan was more inclined towards studies and technology, while his brother had the gene of sports in him. His father is a world record holder in swimming and was obsessed with breaking records in sports.

Rajan was not born with a silver spoon. There were times when he had worked at a cafeteria and a museum. It is his strong efforts and dedication, which made him join Google and lead the business in India. His mission of bringing Google in India is to bring a million Indians on the web. Currently, the company is also working on a Railway free high-speed Wi-Fi project, which will cover about 400 stations.

Despite being successful, if Rajan can work for 15-18 hours a day, what is holding us from doing a normal 9-5 shift? He isn’t strong and athlete, but he has the patience to focus on his vision. I believe if we also hold onto our spirits and show some patience, our efforts won’t go in vain.

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