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Meet Ritesh Agarwal Who Runs A 360+ Cr Business of Oyo Rooms

Ritesh Agarwal’s success story is about how young minds can build bigger dreams and make it happen for all who wish for success in life. The journey of CEO and founder of OYO rooms, Ritesh Aggarwal, is truly amazing!

Name: Ritesh Agarwal

DOB: 16-Nov-1993

Birth Place: Bissam Cuttack, Orissa

Profession: Founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms, New Delhi

The Face of a Teenager, Ritesh Agarwal:

Ritesh Agarwal is a college dropout who took his interest further in the hotel industry. This time, the interest was not related to studies, but completely from the professional point of view.

Oyo Rooms is one of the famous Indian brands, which have a tie up with a large number of hotels. Presently, OYO operates in more than 250 Indian cities.

Lately, Ritesh announced the launch of his new setup in Malaysia and the news was posted on his official blog, which had further spread like a fire on the web.

Ritesh is one of the rare persons, who not only dream big, but also keep a vision to achieve bigger. The teenage boy is running his own company with a turnover of nearly 360 Cr, whereas others would just be thinking of what to do after their graduation.

If you look at the pictures of this guy, he has no special wings, no special skills, and no uncommon face. He looks similar to any common man in the crowd.

But, his work and his success speak for him!

The only thing Ritesh thought before earning revenues and profits was customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction may look very common term to all, but very few people follow it seriously, especially in business. It is only the customer who would rate your business and let you know that you work amazing!

Ritesh invests 16 hours a day to ensure smooth operations of his business and complete satisfaction of his clients. He has worked days and nights to understand his mistakes, then rectify them, and then make ways to avoid repeating these in future. His quench for business and providing excellent services remains unfulfilled.


A huge list of awards and achievements follow a young teenager Ritesh Agarwal. Ritesh wrote a book, which was later in-scripted and sold hugely on Flipkart. The book’s name is; ‘Indian Engineering Colleges: a Complete Encyclopedia of Top 100 Engineering Colleges.’

At the age of 16, Ritesh was chosen among 250 children to be a part of a camp of Asian Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. Ritesh was very fond of travel since then and traveled to various locations within India. This is one of the key foundations what brings Ritesh to this level of success today.

Ritesh has personally experienced challenges posed by hotel industries like; fake promises on reservations, dirty rooms, unhygienic toilets, stinking basins, improper customer service, and a few more. On the other end, not all people would wish to spend a good amount on five star hotels.

With the basic thought of irrespective of the hotel rating, people deserve to receive all the basic features of a hotel in the healthiest possible manner; Ritesh launched his business of OYO rooms.

This took him to more achievements in life. Before launching OYO rooms, Ritesh’s journey of experiences and his professional career has been vast.

Inspirational Factor:

It takes no moment for me to choose words to boast about these people, as their own success speaks for them.

People like Ritesh are rare to find, who not only consider business but also considers others` feelings and expectations. I am truly impressed at the way his career has progressed at such a young age.

I believe that he has guided himself well, he has collected his thoughts well, and this is exactly what you need to prove yourself right.

As a matter of fact, we often make excuses while others already start saving money to buy the first brick of their foundation. If I can’t think like Ritesh, I will at least start believing to make a base of how I want my life to be a few years down the line.

We all need one reason to realize our goals and then there is no looking back. For instance, in Ritesh’s scenario, he found it very painful to see crappy places and crappy staff when he used to travel extensively.

This is what gave him the first reason to plan his own future. I wish him all the best!

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