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Roshni Nadar CEO and Executive Director of HCL, Her Success Story

About Roshni Nadar

Roshni Nadar is the only child of HCL’s founder Shiv Nadar. She today handles the reputed positions of CEO and Executive Director. What may look like inheritance is surely not so as it looks.

Roshni Nadar is someone who looks simple but has a depth. Her interests in music, travel and yoga prepare her for the exclusive challenges at work place. Roshni Nadar has an exquisite record of handling operations very intricately.

Born to one of the most innovative Indian Entrepreneur, Shiv Nadar, courage and risk taking abilities where there in her since very beginning, all she had to do was maximize its use for a better tomorrow. Roshni stood firm on all the expectations people had from her at varied stints in her life.

Graduated from Northwestern University in Communication with Radio and film under focus; later she post graduated from Kellogg School of Management. (The Hindu)

A born entrepreneur?

Though entrepreneurs are not born, they are made is a legitimate theory but in this case, we will have to differ a bit in order to justify things. Roshni was promoted as the Executive Director of HCL within a year of her joining.

Roshni served important roles as the Shiv Nadar Foundation before moving to HCL. Her stint at Shiv Nadar Foundation was nothing less than preparation for handling eminent positions at HCL.

Media and experts always eyed the movement of Shiv Nadar related to Roshni but Shiv Nadar did the requisite only when, he found his daughter was ready. Roshni has proved herself at varied instances in life.

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Keeping away from the operational matters :

Shiv Nadar announced back in 2013 that his 31-year old daughter will be replacing him as the CEO of the company and he also informed the media about the roles and responsibilities she would be handling at HCL. While Roshni is the CEO and the Executive Director, she will not be interfering with the operational matters.

Shiv Nadar explained running a business and making a business are two different things and also enlightened the world about Roshni being a business maker.

Roshni today is the CEO and Executive Director of HCL and since her promotion as the CEO, the company has acquired some positive reviews from market and from all across the world. The growing record seems to have hit a new high.

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Varied Initiative Roshni Nadar is involved with

Shiv Nadar is a hardworking man and had put Roshni under litmus test before handling over all controls to her. Today Roshni is leading India’s one of the pioneer business houses.

Here are what all other things Roshni Nadar is involved with:

  • Roshni Nadar is a trustee at the Shiv Nadar organization. There was a time she used to overlook everything that happened in the organization.
  • A reputed member of SSN Institution and Shiv Nadar University boards of management, she looks over the curriculum and ensures the best of education is provided to everyone.
  • She manages everything related to VidyaGyan schools in Uttar Pradesh. Her attempt here is to revolutionize the education sector in underdeveloped parts of the Indian sub-continent.
  • Roshni is working really hard on VidyaGyan initiative and the campaign is doing really good. Till date more than 2,00,000 students in the state of Uttar Pradesh has been impacted by the program. The program undertakes more than 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Worked in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and ensure proper promotion of education among the children of Dalit and Muslim in the state.
  • Her experience with news channels like Sky and CNN has helped her see the world problems under better light.
  • Roshni was awarded with Dean’s Distinguished Service Award at the Kellog University for her exceptional performance.

How we see the success story of Roshni Nadar?

Naysayers are going to look at her story and rebuke it as a case of inheritance but the extreme performance and the exceptional work Roshni has done for the betterment of the world makes it easier for us to admire her. Roshni has made the best use of the available resources and ensured a better world for everyone.

The intricate understanding of problem that Roshni has makes it easier for her to put her efforts at the right place. Probably it is her experience with news channels that makes her someone who knows how improving the lives of kids will change the future of the country.

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