Ruby Sahota

Meet Ruby Sahota, an Amazing Personality, Attorney, and Political Leader of Canada

This short story is about how beautifully Ruby Sahota has balanced her life with her goals. She is a woman who has provided selfless support to Canada in various subjects.

Name: Ruby Sahota

Profession: Barrister and Solicitor

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Husband Name : Tejinder Sahota

About Ruby Sahota:

Ruby Sahota is a popular personality in Canada. She was born in Toronto and raised in Brampton. Ruby is a Canadian politician by profession and also an elected Member of Parliament for House of Commons of Canada. As a member of this team, she represents the federal riding Brampton North.

From the academic side, Ruby attended the Brampton High School and Central Peel Secondary School. She attained her graduation in Political Science and Peace Studies from McMaster University. Ruby has also attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law School for her further studies. It is evident that she comes from a strong academic background. To add more, Sahota has given 5 years of practice to law before she actually stood for election for the House of Commons. During the elections, Sahota defeated Parm Gill by a good number of votes.

Her personal life is as peaceful and cordial as her professional life. She is married to Dr. Tejinder Sahota and has a son, Nihal Sahota. Ruby has balanced her personal and professional life well. Being the active member of the local South-Asian community, she has gained immense experience in political systems. We must not forget that she is an experienced and highly skilled Attorney. She has practiced law in areas of crime, litigation, and dispute settlements. These subjects include private and public sectors.

Her law background gave exposure to Sahota in handling a wide range of challenging commercial litigation documents at an international level too. She is one woman who stood ahead to recognize the power and value of women in politics. Sahota has also been a member of an organization that deals with issues related to Women involvement in International Business, UNICEF and Amnesty International.

She has remained a dedicated mother and a compassionate political leader. Ruby has been fascinated towards politics ever since she was a kid. She has paid a close attention to votes from youth. Sahota has also encouraged people in working together towards a common goal.

Although, she has been honored with a Blue Book Award in Immigration Law, for completing the highest GPA in graduation, she believes in working selflessly without any greedy of rewards or recognition. The support system and network that is there in Canada is difficult to manage, especially in subjects like politics for Indians. Life is not as easy as it seems abroad. Sahota has managed things very well.

Motivational Factor:

Moving to a country and carrying your roots of culture could be challenging. Politics is a dirty subject to many and the discussion between two common persons could also lead to arguments. I am impressed by the way Sahota has managed things in a peaceful manner. She has done a commendable job in her political career.

Canada is a growing market and lots of opportunities are coming forth. Thus, Sahota has played a vital role in concentrating on the business as well as economic growth of Canada. There have been allegations and accusations against Sahota too. But, that’s the way how political parties work. More than the confidence, you also need to have the courage to fight back these comments and allegations.

Irrespective of how much you think, the color of your skin is a forever mark on your personality. Ruby has overcome all these fears of her origin, and managed to come out as a confident, strong, and amazing woman of substance. Immigration is a difficult thing to hurdle and Sahota has helped issues related to immigration processes. I admire her beauty and her humble nature. She is truly a woman who is passionate, dedicated, and focused towards her goals.

Sahota has worked selflessly for people residing in Canada and continues to do the same. Gosh! After all this, if there is something that’s running is my mind is how well she manages her family as well as political life. Somewhere I read a comment by an Indian actress, that raising a baby is like running a nation. Sahota is raising her son as well as running the nation and she is actually doing a marvelous job in both! We wish Ruby all the best for her further role as a politician.

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