Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is the Owner of Marketing Zen Group and a Perfect Beauty with Brain

This story is about the success story of gorgeously young; Shama Hyder who plays varied roles in her successful career. She is the founder and owner of Marketing Zen Group.

Shama Hyder Wiki | Bio | Facts

Name: Shama Hyder

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Goa, India

D.O.B : 25-04-1985

Profession: Entrepreneur and Host

Website : Visit Here

About Shama Hyder:

Shama is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, a spokesperson, and a celebrity of web and television industry. She is the founder and CEO of Marketing Zen Group. It is a well-established web marketing agency that was established in 2009. Shama is also the author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing. The book is going in its fourth edition by the end of this fall season.

Digital marketing agency and social media marketing, Dallas, are the two key responsibilities handled by Shama. The firm was first launched with only $1,500; however its turnover grew to 400% in the first year itself. Today, the company deals from Fortune 1000 companies to small scale businesses and zero-profit organizations.

The company delivers its services like; Europe, Asian, Central and South America. Hyder’s book was a major turnover in her already successful career as it talks about a variety of social media tools. It also includes step by step guide to use these tools for their marketing purposes.

Hyder’s name and recognition is in many business magazines as she also conducts workshops at international level. She runs her own columns on marketing and entrepreneurship and with Forbes and Inc. Hyder was the only female candidate from America, who traveled to Cairo with other young Danish and American entrepreneurs to discuss business and share ideas of being successful entrepreneurs.

Shama also runs a TV show ‘Shama T.V., which airs lots of information by her on latest media news, changing technologies, trends, and marketing strategies.

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Achievements, Forbes and Rewards:

  • Shama was honored by Hermes Gold Award in the Educational Programming Category.
  • Shama has been on the cover page of Color Magazine, Online Marketing Strategies Magazine and Span Magazine.
  • She is a regular guest correspondent for Good Day Fox, Fox Business, and MSNBC.
  • There is a weekly business advice column, specially dedicated to Shama by the name ‘Ask Shama’ on
  • In the listings of young entrepreneurs by Empact 100, her company was listed among the top 100 companies in the US, which is led by a woman under 30.
  • Shama has also grabbed the Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO Award.
  • She was honored as a Mover and Shaker by the prestigious Forbes under 30 in the marketing and advertising sector.


Shama was only 9 when her parents immigrated to the United States of America. They were initially based in Carrollton, Texas. She completed her graduation from Carrollton’s R.L. Turner High School. After her graduation, she pursued her masters in organizational communication and technology from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Motivational Factor :

I must say, she is one gorgeous lady and a beauty with brains. It is not so easy to stay focused at a young age. This amazing woman has a sharp mind and thoughts running like a roller coaster ride. She makes her nation proud of her success. Huge lists of online businesses have been assisted by Shama’s marketing strategies and tools.

Shama’s confidence speaks through her words. If you are looking to open a business and don’t know how to start, you must read her book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing. It gives an easy way to build business, increase credibility and generate revenue from business.

She is an amazingly strong personality who handles a team of efficient personnel, dealing in digital public relations. Hyder is among the top voices in marketing and social media. To my amazement, Shama was also invited to share the stage with world’s top leaders like Dalai Lama and President Obama.

Under her leadership, Shama has helped the company grow beyond its expected standards. I always wanted to open a business of my own, but when I was actually involved in it, I realized the challenges and struggles. I had no help to assist me apart from my sisters. We need professional help like Shama who bring the business to a new height. She has a digital vision that speaks for her.

I got a chance to go through a glimpse of her interviews and her writings; I must say she is truly amazing! After various rejections from the publication houses for a book that talks about business that never existed before, especially if the author doesn’t either belong to a business background, it surely is a tough job to get it done! What do you think?

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