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Shaswat Shah : An 18 Year Blogger Shows How Simple Blogging Can Make You Rich

Shaswat Shah explains how successful can a person be if he has the courage to achieve his dreams. This story is about the goals achieved by a simple blogger Shaswat Shah.

Name: Shaswat Shah

Age: 20 years (Approx)

Birth Place: Surat, Gujarat, India

Profession: Blogger, SEO, and Digital Marketing Expert

Facts about Shaswat Shah:

Shaswat is one of the youngest bloggers in India, who is just 18. His contributions include various popular sites like; LifeHacker, Business2Community, Huffington Post, and Tech Cocktail. Shaswat belongs to a middle class family.

He was very fascinated about computers and used to dream about having his own when he used to see his friends using it. Shaswat somehow convinced his parents for a computer when he was in 9th standard. He later realized that he was not merely attracted to just the keyboard or the screen; it was something in him that he loved doing on the PC. He finally entered the world of blogging.

Shaswat was too innocent to understand the risks and consequences about illegal or pirated stuff. Soon enough, he entered the actual world of blogging. It was his never giving up attitude that brought him success and popularity in the world of web. Shaswat realized the potential of SEO market in the global market.

He became a member of various social sites and blogs, and started interacting with the communities on a daily basis. Finally, Shaswat became successful in letting internet users know his value of words and knowledge. He is currently handling more than 18 blogs and solely responsible for 5 blogs.

Shaswat enjoys a good social circle of friends. His SEO techniques have made him quite popular in the internet world today. Many companies count on him for their brand marketing and startups. The list of challenges and struggles is no less for Shaswat Shah. He has been humiliated by his friends and loved ones for his internet passion and blogging. No one was aware that he would attain this success at such a young age, merely by blogging.

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Inspirational Factor:

I am amazed at the way Shaswat has reached this level of his career at a tender age. It always inspires me to read about such successful people, who dream high and achieve high. Many people often thought Shaswat’s story as a joke, as no one could believe that he could earn more than a regular paid job just by blogging.

Today, this young guy runs his own SEO consulting service that has supported many online businesses to grow. Looking at his potential; I strongly feel some sense of inspiration and spirit to do things on my own and trust my instinct. Shaswat is a young lad, who can easily get carried away by young age and take support from their families for financial help.

It is his work that brought him new personalities and new people to connect with, who are well settled and successful. This has added to his experience and skill set. At an age, when he should be talking to his own level of people and enjoy life, he is interacting with big shots in business. I would not call him a settled and successful man, but, he is striving at the right age to reach massive success.

Honestly, I strongly feel some positive vibes about this guy and I know his ‘never giving up’ attitude will make him achieve his goals much faster. How many of us actually follow our passion? I guess very few, as most of us are engaged in just dreaming. Many of us would even fail and never even try to give another trial after our failures. Very less number of people listen to their heart, rather than their mind. This is exactly what Shaswat did.

Whatever I know about him, I know this much that he is an amazing guy, who is highly focused and doesn’t divert himself from the dreams and aims of life. He is yet to achieve his core goals in the internet world. His efforts in making others` businesses better are genuine and true. If you are looking forward to learn anything about blogging or SEO marketing, you must visit a few blogs of Shaswat Shah ( , and learn his style of expressing his thoughts. Personally, it feels great to see someone from my background of blogging and SEO content attaining this level of success. It is a true inspiration for me too.

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