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[Interview] Meet The Multi-Talented Shreya Reddy, A Dancer By Choice, A Class 11 Student Who Created Waves With Her Robotic Dance Moves

A dancer by choice and a student, Shreya Reddy created waves with her robotic dance moves on the famous Bollywood songs Tip Tip Barsa Pani and Silsila Ye Chahat Ka. With 10 million views on the evergreen Tip Tip Barsa Pani, Shreya Reddy charmed her audiences with the tutting and popping style of dance, a form that is still new to Indians. Shreya’s audience was charmed with her dancing moves on the veteran dancer Prabhu Deva’s Premika ne Pyar se, Aishwarya’s Taal se Taal Mila and more. You can check her videos here.

We wish her luck and success in hip hop. You can follow Shreya Reddy on Youtube | Instagram | Facebook. And on @venkatreddy4

Let’s know Hip Hop Dancer Shreya Reddy’s journey so far.

Tell us about yourself.

My birthday falls on January 9. I was born and brought up in Delhi. My granny (maternal) lives in Kerala so sometimes I visit there. Currently, I am a student, studying in Class 11. My father Venkat Reddy, working as Creative Director (Art) and Mother’s name is Lekha Reddy.

Achievements/Awards/Recognition (if any)?

For me when the “Tip tip barsa pani” got viral on YouTube, that was something huge for me, and today I have a good number of followers on Instagram and as well.

How and when did you realise that you are in love with dance, that too in the tutting and locking?

I loved dancing since childhood and tried learning Bharatanatyam, Bollywood and contemporary. But somehow I could not connect with the dance forms; something was missing. And, one day, I saw Dytto. I was like wow a girl is doing a cool dance form and she is looking amazing. That was the moment I decided to try that dance form. Gradually, I learnt more about popping and tutting through YouTube.

Shreya Reddy Dancer
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Have you studied dancing?

Professionally? No. But now I got in touch with a couple of senior dancers from whom I am learning but I would say my main guru is YouTube and I am still a student in dance.

Who inspired you to start one of the unique styles of dancing?


How do you get everything done, starting from school classes, studies and dance practices?

Studies are important but I could manage being an average student. Dancing is my passion and that’s where I belong. So ‘when you love something time management comes naturally.’

How do you see this form of dancing style in India?

Well recently this dancing style became a trend and in reality shows it’s very clear that popping is going to stay in India for long.

Your life before becoming the Dancer Shreya Reddy.

I used to dance a lot but never got a chance to know if people love it. Slowly, I got a feeling that I am just below average person. But when YouTube clicked and got such an overwhelming response. I got a confidence that yes I am good and now I have to do it better and this is my future!

Fond/inspirational memories which you would want to share

There are many, but the one which I will never forget was when I went to give a dance audition, I was amazed to see how people are so dedicated and passionate about dancing. They actually gave their soul to dancing. I am lucky that my parents support me but out there so many came for that one shot with no support and money.

I also felt nice when I stood in the queue and few people recognised me and came to me to take a selfie. Yay!

Who is your inspiration and why?

I take inspiration from a lot of people not just inspirations from who are famous but the ones around me too. Every person has something that inspires me.

Who is your mentor?

My mentor is my papa.

What challenges did you face initially or still face and how did you overcome?

When I got a chance to perform I had challenges to create choreography. Initially, I took a lot of inspiration and rather I should say copied steps so that I can choreograph but it was not to disrespect; I did so to show my skills, that I too can. Gradually, I understood no matter how good you are, if you copy, people will never like it. And trust me if I am able to achieve some others’ dancing style it’s not easy to do it takes a lot of hard practice to achieve that one step. There is nothing called original. Everyone gets inspired and uses someone else’ techniques or moves for entertainment purposes. I got to know that the moon walk step which is known as Michael Jackson’s step was also done by Bill Bailey (if I am not wrong) way before MJ, it’s on YouTube. I wish people appreciate or comment on talent, rather tagging them as a copycat.

What are your future plans as a dancer?

I want to become a choreographer and also to have my own dancing studio where I could teach.

How was your first dance-filming experience?

OMG! It was much difficult. On stage or in my room it’s cool to dance. But in front of papa it’s too difficult and he is the one who was shooting… but somehow I did it.

Could you give a sneak peak to your dancing styles?

Popping is all about controlling your muscles and making it pop which gives an illusion of kinda electric shock. And you have to pop just in between the beats. It requires a lot of workout to make the core strong. I came across few people who do popping using wrong techniques; hence, they fail to give the right effect. It’s been more than a year I am still learning and want to dance like Dytto and Popping John.

An advice for the learners in tutting and locking.

I learnt that half knowledge is dangerous. Please learn from the right people or source. It requires a lot of hard work and practice and, above all, always move ahead with the never-give-up goal.

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