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Sairee Chahal is An Epitome Example Of Empowered Women, Founder Of

About Sairee Chahal:

Sairee Chahal is an epitome example of empowered women. She took to the world and beat it with confidence like never before. Her arrival on the block has turned out to be a page-turner in the Indian history. With the awe inspiring story this women is going places. Sairee Chahal is everything ambitious people dream to be, she spoke TEDX stage, she has been featured in India Today and every aspiring women in the country recognizes her.

Sairee has always said, It’s a women’s world and now she is on a mission to inspire ladies to come across and claim their share. Sairee dreams of a world where resource will be the prior basis of selection instead of gender; she desires to live in a world where women’s work hard to claim their position in the society.

Sairee started to help women discover new opportunities. As a career guide, she has always tried to help as many women as she can and this has helped her climb stairs in the real life. Her efforts are adamant and she is here to bring the most awaited change in the contemporary world.

The Story Behind

Sairee has always been an independent woman making her through all the thick and thins. She is a serial entrepreneur and an occasional writer. The desire to found came to her when she gave birth to her only child. It was at this point of time when she was contemplating more flexible job options, she wanted to take care of her child and do some work as well. This one desire to have flexible work options made her realize the innocuous gap and since then she is working hard to bridge the gap and leverage women with more and more flexible options.

Mission of Life:

Sairee considers herself lucky enough to have all the education in her life so that today she can stand at the threshold of the world and help each and every woman to accomplish greater things in life. The main motive of her contemporary life is to help as much women as she can. The steps and measures taken by Sairee are surely changing the world. (earlier is the right place for every enthusiastic women looking for an opportunity. Sairee tries to communicate with every woman through this platform and show her the right path to her careers. This one platform has empowered more women than all the government programs taken together.

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Ted-X Experience

Sairee is someone who looks at things differently. She looks for positive in everything and this is one of primary reasons she is the role model for thousands of women in the country. Her Ted-X experience encounters a story of two women in a foreign land. One of them was the CTO of a tech company in Silicon Valley working as a Cab Driver and the other was a young dynamic woman managing an AirBNB outlet.

Sairee got into discussions with both these women and realized life is about doing things that makes you happy and leverages you with a sense of freedom instead of taking boring jobs just because they will look good on your CV.

Sairee’s Ted talk has inspired a pool of women across the world; she continues to share stages with reputed people from around the world. She is on a journey that is not going to end sooner. There’s a lot to be done and Sairee is all set for the battle.

Awards and Recognition

  • A finalist for the Cartier Women’s Award Initiative 2012.
  • Most powerful Women in Indian business 2012.
  • Featured on Young Turks.
  • Guest Appearance on What Women Wants.
  • Ted-X Speaker.
  • Recognized by Business Today.

 What does? (earlier is an initiative by Sairee Chahal that helps women discover jobs that are within their skill set and can help them change their lives for better. works in co-relation with more than 3000+ companies from across the world and aims to match women’s with the best possible jobs. This is an empowering movement and Sairee (the founder of aims to make a substantial difference through this program. Her efforts are very much inspiring and relevant. has helped thousands of women in realizing their dreams.

The world around us is changing for better, it is time when every woman should start contemplating their talent, and skills and take up jobs that helps them make a change in their lives.

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Sairee Chahal’s interview with BloombergTV India

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