Sukh Dhaliwal

Meet Sukh Dhaliwal, A Canadian Leader and A Businessman whose Contributions for Canada are Commendable

This story is about a common Indian man, Sukh Dhaliwal, whose journey of life isn’t common anymore. He has served his current homeland, Canada in many beneficial ways.

Name: Sukh Dhaliwal

Profession: Business Entrepreneur, Politician

D.O.B : Oct 1, 1960

Place of Birth: Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Wife : Roni Dhaliwal

Current Residence: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Interesting Information about Sukh Dhaliwal:

Sukh Dhaliwal is a businessman and also a politician for British Columbia, Canada. He has also served as a Liberal Member of Parliament, Newton – North Delta. He emigrated from India during 1984 and took the citizenship of Canada three years later. Dhaliwal has participated in several political elections, where he won and failed a couple of time. His failures only occurred to make him stronger and more confident for the future challenges. This is something that reflects from his success. Sukh is married to Roni Dhaliwal and lives a cordial married life with wife and kids.

By profession, Dhaliwal is an engineer. He is a bachelor in Science, specializing in Surveying Engineering, University of Calgary. He is also running a business – Dhaliwal & Associates Land Surveying Inc. He has also been a former member of the Surrey Board of Trade and an active spokesperson for small businessmen. His speech and thoughts have helped many fresh and untouched opportunities to drive the local economy of the country.

Sukh has played a vital role in the business development of Canada. His contributions have allowed the nation to think beyond their expectations and improve the economic condition in the business sector. His participations include the meetings held by Board of Directors for SEEDS (Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society). He also remained a member of the City of Surrey Parks and Community Services Committee for a long time. Dhaliwal has also participated in the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Emergency Center Campaign. The campaign was held to raise funds and assist the construction of the hospital’s emergency wards.

Motivational Factor:

Many people from India go abroad with the dream to do something big, but only a few achieve their dreams. It is not because the others worked any lesser than them; those who succeeded are because of their never-give-up attitude. Sukh Dhaliwal is one of those people with rare confidence and thought process.

We often dream a lot and work equally harder to achieve those dreams. But, somewhere we become tired and weak due to the challenges thrown ahead. I am sure things were not as easy as it seems for Sukh too. He has faced his own set of worries and challenges. After a few failures in politics, he could have been easily demotivated. Being a businessman and an engineer, it was easy for him to shift to alternative career objectives. However, he gave priority to serve his nation and continues in politics.

He is a perfect man who balances his life, career, and profession so beautifully. Trust me that it won’t be easy as no matter for how long you stay in another country, somewhere the racism speaks out. Priority is always given to the original residents of the country. Sukh is a perfect example who has overcome all these fears, worries, and challenges. His contributions cannot be neglected and he has set an example for many fresh aspiring business opportunities in Canada.

Secret Behind Sukh’s Successful Career :

Politics is a blame game irrespective of the nation you are fighting for. More than your efforts, your mistakes are counted. You really need to be tough and strong hearted to bear all the accusations and keep moving with high spirits. This is the secret behind Sukh’s successful career in politics. Despite the allegations, he never stopped walking ahead. There are many who have taken inspiration by Sukh’s efforts in making Canada a progressive nation.

Curently, Sukh also works on some business issues with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau is also a leader of the Liberal Party. People have high hopes from the Prime Minister and so does Sukh. They both are working together to create new work opportunities in Canada. Sukh is full of hopes, new thoughts, and creativity running in his mind always.

We respect him for the way he has struggled to achieve this level of success and the patience delivered by him in handling tough situations during elections. We truly wish that he achieves all the targeted goals and objectives to make Canada a better place to live in, even for the Indians settled there.

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