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Surendran Jayasekar of SuccessGyan Brings a New Face for Inspired India

You don’t need money or magic to become confident; all you need is a true mentor’s hand above you. If you follow the advice of one role model in your life, success will follow you for sure! The success story of CEO, Surendran Jayasekar is a perfect example to share.

Name: Surendran Jayasekar

Occupation: CEO and Founder of SuccessGyan

Site :

Facts about Surendran Jayasekar:

Surendran Jayasekar is the founder and CEO of SuccessGyan, which is among the largest organizers of international seminars and workshops in India. They bring the most talented people ahead and this includes motivational speakers, spiritual speakers, and financial speakers from all over the world.

The concept is unique and has blown off many ideas. His energetic attitude acts like an eye opener to many and whoever meets him realizes that there is so much to do in life. Being an MBA, Surendran is well aware of the Indian market and this makes his skills special in a distinct manner.

The company started in Feb, 2012. Surendran gives credit to a one day seminar that he attended somewhere in 2006, which changed his entire mindset and journey of life. At that time, his intention behind the opening of SuccessGyan was to invite Dr. Brian Tracy to India. Dr. Tracy is Surendran’s role model ever since he attended the seminar.

By a few speakers during the first few conferences, Surendran realized that it helped many people to get inspired and motivated. Surendran also runs three family businesses, but his main priority remains SuccessGyan.

He comes from a distinctive experience that he considers as self-learning. Surendran with Dr. Brian Tracy has written a book named, Success Recipe. They have sold about 40000 copies in English. The book is also translated into Marathi and Tamil. They are looking forward to translate the books to Malayalam, and Bengali too.

Motivational Factor:

Someone’s mentor and role model, becomes his personal friend and why not? Surendran has strived and succeeded a long way. He always wanted to meet Brian and hear more from him as the doctor got his life changed to good. Surendran found a better way to bring Brian back to India. His dedication to create a platform like SuccessGyan, where he can share his own story of life transformation became such a big hit, that Dr. Brian is today a regular visitor and friend to him.

It feels great to read about successful people and also about those people who don’t give up. Success does not mean you need to be popular, it means how satisfied are you with life. If you could manage to guess the reasons of your failures and boredom, you will surely find a way out. That’s my understanding about this story.

Surendran could have easily continued his family business and forgotten his credits. However, his modesty is evident at the way he admires his mentor and coach, Dr. Brian Tracy. I wish we have more of such platforms in India, as there are people with abundance of talent, but one challenge in life shatters them away. They need more motivational speakers to come back on track.

He has a vision to make India more confident, motivational, and inspirational. There is so much to see and do, but people somewhere feel laid back. Surendran does not blame them. They are pressurized by the external factors to think and live that way.

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We all are struggling financially and wish to become financially free. However, the number of responsibilities and expenses do not allow us to sleep peacefully. This is exactly what one learns by attending a three days course. The company only has 18 employees but, has earned a great level of recognition throughout India. They organize events and seminars in various States to encourage more participants.

Sometimes, we aim too high in life and forget to live in reality. On the worse side, this may bring some sort of disappointment and we will easily give up. The program at SuccessGyan teaches us simple things like; it is good to aim high, but we must learn to nurture our dreams and ambitions slowly by taking one step at a time.

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If you feel the progress story of SuccessGyan was worth reading, then pull up your socks and give yourself some life! Sulking is easy, facing the challenges is difficult. We all are blessed with supernatural powers of dealing with life. All you need to do is find your own.

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