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Upasana Makati Established India’s First English Lifestyle Magazine “White Print” in Braille

While we all want to see change there are few who actually go ahead and bring the change. Upasana Makati is one of those rare souls who have done something we all have been wishing to do all our lives.

Quick Introduction:

The 25-year-old Upasana Makati established India’s first English Lifestyle magazine “White Print” in Braille and gave birth to a revolution. Personally Upasana Makati is someone who is driven more by emotions and less by achievements. Going to bed with the feeling of have done something soothes her more than the amount of money in her bank account. If given another life Upasana will still stand on the other side of a comfortable life.

The monotony of life and the desire to do something:

Working with a Public Relation firm in Mumbai, Upasana was intrigued to measure the reading option for blind people; to our luck and her despair she found none. The simple desire to make blind people aware of the entertainment world, she decided to start India’s first Lifestyle Magazine written completely in Braille.

In February, 2016 Forbes India listed Upasana Makati In the 30 under 30 list.

Into the beautiful world of India’s first Braille Lifestyle Magazine:

The unique magazine consists of 64 pages covering almost everything from politics, technology, art, music, film, travel, and food and success stories. National Association for the Blind is the holy place where this unique magazine for privileged people is printed. Reputed names like Barkha Dutt have been incessant with their contribution to this monthly magazine.

Upasana has always been vocal about her efforts and she doesn’t shy away in mentioning that they aim to break the taboo by enhancing the horizons of the magazine. Short stories and real life struggles of people are always included in the magazine to inspire people.

The magazine also seeks contribution in form of poem, short stories and articles from the unique reader base. Till date hundreds of such entries have been published; including articles from the one of many types inspire people to read more and contribute.

From Public Relation to White Print:

Upasana has always suggested that she was never before associated with any NGO or organization working for blind people. This thought came to her when she started looking for reading options available for blind people.

Upasana found her calling when she decided to start a lifestyle magazine for the sidelined reader base. In a country like India where there are hundreds of such people who have no means of entertainment starting a lifestyle magazine has filled Upasana with thrill and satisfaction.

The Hurdles:

Every story is incomplete without the challenges and hurdles that makes it interesting and worth reading. Upasana has always been against making White Print a charity venture. She wanted to make it profitable and self-reliant. Over the time Upasana has come over challenges and have made White print a self-funded initiative.

Most of the funding comes from advertisement; the advertisement options as of now are limited to colorful images and sounds.

The Corporate Support:

India is one of those rare countries where emotion works better than tactics; reputed enterprises and corporate houses like Coca Cola and TaTa have extended their support to the initiative. Other reputed corporate houses like Raymond and Aircel have also registered their support for the initiative.

While big houses are showering their support to the initiative there are few houses still hesitant about reaching out to a creed of people who can feel, smell, read, communicate and achieve things in life but cannot see.

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A Salute to the Struggle:

While what Upasana has done for a creed of humans can never be measured in praises but applauding we can always inspire more and more people to follow the path. It takes extreme courage and innovative thinking to do something for the first time. What Upasana did was the first of its type in a country like India; it has never been done before hence with it came a fear of getting not expected.

Upasana’s efforts have been amazing and awe-inspiring; her zeal to carry when the reputed corporate houses are pulling the idea down is commendable and really inspiring. We all need to believe in ourselves first then only we can make the world see eye to eye.

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Road Ahead:

This is surely not the end! Upasana has a well-articulated plain in her mind and she is making requisite strides to turn her imagination into reality. Recently White Print launched a short film named  “B for Braille” and is now making efforts to promote Braille literacy in the country.

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