Vedant Goel Limka book and a world record holder

Vedant Goel a Limca Book and World Record holder, all at the age of 23!

Not every millennial aim to own a big car, beautiful house and lead a lavish life. There are youngsters, who aim to see a better world and they not just aim, they actually work for it.

Vedant Goel is one such youngster, to whom making the world a better place is much more important that owning the best of cars and house. Vedant is surely not a crowd follower but someone, who would rather go out and make a difference.

Past Life and Educational Qualification:

Vedant Goel comes from a small town of Chandrapur in Maharashtra but has a mind that can inspire highly qualified people. Compassion and humility are two best words that define Vedant’s personality. He is calm, soft and highly articulate about his passion.

Vedant is 23 years old, he is a Commerce Graduate, and he did his graduation from Pune and now has shifted to Pune permanently. Vedant always wanted to do something for people in need and for the betterment of world.

The Entrepreneurial Experiences:

Not all Entrepreneurs want to cash cheque and attend board meetings, some of them are happy doing little things that simplifies the world and brings a smile on everyone’s face. Vedant is one of those rare entrepreneurs, who tasted failure at an early stage in life but never gave up. Vedant keeps looking for ideas and business models that could impact the lives of common people.

The First Company: Vedant started his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 17. The venture was named  “Har Aadmi Online”. The idea was to give each and every shop in Pune a website.

Har Aadmi Online had an aim of giving each and every small and large shops in the locality a website so that they can develop an online presence. The concept was to empower entrepreneurs at all level and also build a listing of shops in Pune. The USP of this idea was to provide each and every shop with a website and social media pages all at 3333 INR. The idea went like a fire in the whole locality and around 500 stores were provided with a website within no minute.

Unfortunately! Har Aadmi Online was shut down because of non-serious attitude of shopkeepers towards the idea. Well, the business might have gone down but the idea of taking each and every shop online was something remarkable. The idea if implemented properly today can do wonders, not only for shop owners but also for the local users. It would get easier for people to find and locate even small stores in their locality; this idea will surely make the world a better place to live.

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The Story Limca Book and World Records:

Vedant Goel Limca Book Record
(C) Vedant Goel

Limca Book: Vedant has been successful in getting his name mentioned in Limca Book of Records. It is about the time when Vedant decided to organize a campaign where more than 1000 kids brushed their teeth together. The campaign was aimed to enlighten the world with the importance of teeth brushing. The campaign awakened the kids and their parents and brought glory to the much-deserved Vedant Goel.

World Record: Vedant happens to be the first person to be promoted as Creative Editor at a Daily Newspaper Agency. Vedant joined Saccha Dost as a creative director at the age of 22 and acquired the much-awaited felicitation for the same.

The Present Life and continued efforts for a better world:

Vedant today runs an online platform that goes with the name of StartupKafe and aims to educate upcoming breed of entrepreneurs. StartupKafe has collaborated with some amazing enterprises and contests in recent past in order to provide upcoming entrepreneurs with the much-required exposure.

While StartupKafe continues to grow at a good pace, Vedant is also focusing on making a better society.

Recently, when the whole of country was debating about the Drought, Vedant came up with an idea that would make everyone, from kids, teachers to parents aware about the conditions of Farmer in the country. Vedant decided to put up Drums in every school in his locality (Pune) and encourage kids and teachers to put the left over amount of water in the Drum (at the end of day). The collected water was used to water trees and plants while the water meant for irrigating trees and plants was left used for necessary usages.

The idea spread like a virus in Pune and within week almost every other school was holding such campaigns. Vedant and his team donated Drums to as many schools in Pune as they could.

Vedant’s effort was not only recognized at the local level but was also appreciated and accepted at the national level. Varied online and offline PR and Magazines wrote about him and his empowering idea.

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How Viral Indian Diary looks at the efforts Vedant is making?

At Viral Indian Diary, we aim to felicitate everyone who is doing something unique or passionate. Vedant is one of those rare millennial, which has decided to take up topics that are important and make the world about it.

VID wish Vedant all the luck for his upcoming ventures and efforts.

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