Vivek Wadhwa Entrepreneur

Vivek Wadhwa is one of the Highly Reputed American Technology Entrepreneur

When you have correct vision to see your dreams, the fogs and mist fade away. Same is the success story of Vivek Wadhwa.

Name: Vivek Wadhwa

Current Location: San Francisco, United States of America

Place of Birth: Delhi, India

Profession: Vivek is a professional at Arthur & Toni Rembe Center for corporate Governance, Stanford University. He also serves the role of a director of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurial & Research Commercialization, Pratt School of Engineering and Duke University. He utilizes his time by giving lectures as a Faculty & Advisor at Singularity University. His role does not end there; He is the Author if The Immigrant Exodus, also titled as, Why America is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent. The book specializes mainly on the struggles and triumphs of women.

Interesting Facts about Vivek Wadhwa:

Vivek Wadhwa is keenly interested in the changes and trend of the growing technologies and understands how these will impact the world in few years. He is an amazing researcher in in the field of robotics, computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, nanomaterial and medicinal science. He believes that good research, teamwork, and support of government can solve some of world’s concerning challenges like; education, water, food, shelter, security, and health.

Wadhwa feels very excited lecturing on various subjects like; public policy and entrepreneurship. His theories and thoughts have helped students to become better citizens and some of them have even become successful entrepreneurs. Apart from his other interests, Vivek is also an advisor for several governments, popular mentors, and big shot entrepreneurs. He also spares time as a regular columnist for The Washington Post and acts as a contributor to TechCrunch, Influencers Blog, LinkedIn, and the American Society of Engineering Education’s Prism Magazine.

Wadhwa is the owner of two major software companies. His professional and educational graph is commendable. He began his career life as a software developer where he learnt a lot about technology and innovation. Wadhwa is a graduate in Arts from the University of Canberra. He also holds a MBA from New York University.

Achievements and Rewards:

  • Wadhwa is honored with the title of ‘Leader of Tomorrow’, Forbes Magazine.
  • He also achieved the ‘World Technology Award’ for his outstanding work by World Technology Network.
  • Wadhwa is one of the six ‘2012 Outstanding American by Choice’, titled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • He is named as the Top 40 Most Influential Minds in Tech, as per Time’s magazine.
  • One of the greatest achievements for Vivek was when he was listed among the top 10 men striving and participating in women support.

Motivational Factor:

Leaving apart the technical side of his story, it is equally impressive to accept that an Indian is ruling the minds of foreigners in their own country. This in itself is a big accomplishment. It is not easy to break down the racism in a foreign land and convince others of your capabilities.

Vivek is not only an achiever; he has helped others to achieve their dreams too. Many people may feel jealous of the success that he is relishing; however, very few who are struggling would relate the hard work he has invested in. It is one of the best feelings to make a name in an overseas country and get recognized for your work. You feel satisfied. Same is the feeling that Vivek experiences even today. He feels proud to assist USA and make his own country progress at the same time.

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He is not only an amazing professional, but he also has a beautiful heart. Despite his luxurious comforts and success at its peak, he holds human values for supporting women and fighting against abuse. It was not as easy as it seems. Although, he holds a lot of respect in the corporate world, his battle for women rights was tough. He has been through a lot of accusations and misunderstandings. It is due to his dedication and efforts that he has won all the challenges.

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I am inspired by Vivek Wadhwa as he holds distinctive knowledge and strives to make the world a better place technologically. It is true that people have high hopes from him. His thought process and question handling capabilities is simply meritorious. By all these achievements of Wadhwa, I can truly say that; ‘Success is a hard earned feeling that you will experience by working real hard.’

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