WittyFeed co-founders Vinay Singhal

Meet Vinay Singhal Co-Founder and CEO at “WittyFeed – World’s No.2 and India’s No.1 Largest Viral Content Website”, Success Story

Vinay Singhal along with two more creative minds, Shashank Vaishnav and Parveen Singhal began their journey of WittyFeed on 17th November, 2014. Check out their success story for some motivation in life.

Name: Vinay Singhal

Profession: Co-Founder and CEO of WittyFeed

Nationality: Indian

About Vinay Singhal and WittyFeed :

Vinay Singhal being the Co-Founder and CEO of WittyFeed has contributed greatly to the success of the company. Currently, they were a team of 25 initially who worked almost 24/7 with an aim of making the website on the top position. Today, they are more than 65+ as staff!

WittyFeed Co-Founders
via facebook | L to R – Shashank Vaishnav, Vinay Singhal and Praveen Singhal

Vinay has studied from SRM University. He attained his graduation in engineering along with Shashank, while Parveen is a BSC graduate in System Management. The thought of working together as partners came to their mind during their engineering days itself. It’s due to their contribution and hard work that they have come a long way.

To explain you about WittyFeed, it is a platform where young, aspiring, and struggling writers come ahead to express their thoughts, creativity, and ability to write without any hesitation. This platform is a dream to all those writers who wish to be recognized through their writing work, media, and videos. Consider it something similar to YouTube in terms of content display.

To share more, Vinay along with her partners established this site for those who love to read real time and imaginary stories, which are left unnoticed or left untouched by the main stream media. It is a trending site that is making its way to go viral in the world of social media.

WittyFeed focuses on expressions and thoughts that are more realistic require fewer pictures or designs and more of words to reach masses. At present, the site has covered an audience of 1.5-2 million visitors approximately in a daily manner. It means, these guys have already made it global. About 40% of the audience belongs to USA.

Struggles behind WittyFeed :

Vinay along with his partners have faced many obstacles, challenges, and failures in terms of launching websites. Their first page of Facebook went viral within no time. That was the moment that brought back the confidence in them to keep moving.

One of the aims shared by Vinay is his interview with Developers Interview Blog states; Witty Feed is going to expand further with its mission to be the modern age blogging platform for charticles. We are also planning to launch our merchandise very soon so that all our designs can be available in print-ables such as posters and t-shirts etc.”

Motivational Factor :

The slogan of WittyFeed itself releases a fresh air of motivation; Express and Explore Beautiful Stories’. The company during its startup itself won the ‘Fastest Growing Company in IT Sector’ award by All India Achiever’s Foundation, Bangkok. They have also been rated among the Top 500 Most Visited Websites in India.

What more to say about their amazing and sharp minds? The unity of the team is one of the key reasons for their level of recognition. In a generation, where youth of their age is busy in social activities and alcoholism, these 3 youngsters selected a different way of living life socially.

We can’t deny that these guys socialize too; their site is global and shows them highly social in the social media. Vinay has chosen a right way to socialize with people and he is passing the same policy to others too. Those who wish to achieve something big in life will stand by you and those you don’t, raise a toast for them, give them a final cheer of friendship and move on!

Most of the times, we complicate our life by sulking on complex situations that actually have simple solutions. After all that hard work, we still feel lack of peace and wonder why all that happened to us? If you trust what you are doing, you will never fail in life. You must learn to trust your goals before the others start trusting you. This is what Vinay along with his group members followed in life.

God has chosen a path for us all, it’s just that some people find it a bit early by having faith and some are lost in the woods, as they fail to believe in themselves that they could get through too. That’s all about Vinay and Wittyfeed’s success story collectively. If you found it inspiration too, share it with your friends today!

We wish Wittyfeed’s team all the very best for their future endeavours.

WittyFeed’s : Website | Facebook

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