Novelist Bhairavi Sharma

Expert Author and Young Novelist Bhairavi Sharma Teaches to Fly Without Wings

This story is itself a major inspiration to many. Bhairavi Sharma’s young journey of her successful career brings an amazing breeze of confidence, inspiration, and courage to all the aspiring writers and women at large.

Name: Bhairavi Sharma

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Profession: Novelist, Expert Author, Poetess, Motivational Writer, Painter, and Quilling Artist

Website :

About Bhairavi Sharma:

Bhairavi Sharma is a young novelist, poetess, artist, motivational writer, and much more. She has a towering educational background that makes her more special in her being. A Masters in Sociology, Masters in English Literature, Masters in Commerce (Management), Bachelors in Management Studies, and Gold Medalist in M.C.V.C. (Electronics), Bhairavi impresses her followers in a distinct manner.

At the age of 10, she picked up her pen and gave it a voice. She is fanatic about writing and painting. She justifies her skills and talents by her consistent efforts in her work. Perfection and excellence disturbs her all the time.

She comes from a highly educated background. Her father is a renowned Santoorist, who played with legendary Ghazal singers like; Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Bhupinder Singh, Pankaj Udhas and many more. Mom worked in a railway bank as a subhead. She has two pretty sisters and both of them have achieved success in their own fields.

History of Bhairavi Sharma:

The story behind this young successful girl may seem inspiring and painful to many at the same time. Some may feel encouraged and some may feel rejuvenated by her attitude towards life. Bhairavi is a woman of substance. She is a perfect definition of how to balance work and personal life.

Being a divorcee, she has gone through similar challenges and traumas that any responsible woman undergoes after heartbreak. Although, the decision was burdensome, she took it as a lesson learnt and moved on at the same pace to face more rugged battles of life.

Her robust career path took turmoil of tough decisions that she had to take, especially for the launch of her novel. She was discouraged, disappointed, and demotivated by many to write on a bold subject about women’s hidden and suppressed pleasures. She had to put her marriage on stake to launch her book. There is more to add to it…

If a woman can give life, she has the rights to live her own.

_(c) Bhairavi Sharma

Milestones of Bhairavi Sharma:

She obtained the award of Best Speaker in her bachelor’s career. Bhairavi is also a certified Expert Author on Ezine Articles. One of the greatest achievements in her life was the launch of her first Ebook – Mind Cuffed (Eight Erotic Fantasies Unlocked). She has a crazy fan following of more than 12000 people on Facebook and other social sites.

The list of achievements will not fall short if you talk to her family about the sacrifices made by her. She amazingly manages her family life, takes complete care of her parents, her niece and her own living without any male support in the family. Bhairavi gives credit of this confidence to her father, who always encouraged her to keep moving despite the failures.

A Woman’s voice can be suppressed, but it can never go unheard forever. 

_(c) Bhairavi Sharma

Motivational Factor:

Do I really need to speak more about this amazingly gorgeous woman? Her achievements, her educational ladder, and her accomplishments say it all. She does complete justice to her womanhood. Despite the youngest daughter in her family, she inspires the elders and encourages them to keep fighting against all odds.

Her fingers on the keyboard run like a non-stop express train and her flow of thoughts are stupendous. At such a young age, she expressed the pain of the Indian women, who suppress their sexual desires, in her novel (Mind Cuffed). The novel is based on all those unspoken words that men fail to understand.

Despite a refined culture and society, there are many women, who compromise with their husband in bed. Our rigid society does not allow them to express how they want to be loved by their man. In simple words, when a woman speaks about her pleasures, the first thought that runs in the mind of a man is that she has surely committed a ‘mistake’ in her past. I am sure you would agree to this that we often do not let the women speak openly about such bold topics among her friends.

Bhairavi’s step towards women’s basic physical needs and her dreams about an understanding partner is surely going to bring some transformation in the society.

By her story, I can strongly tell you one thing that I realized; ‘It is a woman’s modest sacrifices and her womanhood that raises endless expectations in others about her.’ If people still feel that a woman has flaws, then it is an insult to the first sacrifice of her motherhood.

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