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Priyanka Chopra is an Example of How to Rise After Failures

Priyanka Chopra
Shruti Sharma

Priyanka leaves a strong message of courage, confidence, and determination to the other young and aspiring actors. This article will explain you how.

Name: Priyanka Chopra

Date of Birth: 18th July, 1982

Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

About Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra is one of the leading prominent actresses in Bollywood film fraternity. She is known for her beauty, talent, success, and early achievements in life. However, things are not as simpler as it looks. Priyanka wanted to be either a software engineer or a criminal Psychologist. She is passionate about music, singing, dance, and writing poetries/short stories.

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Priyanka is one of those amazing personalities, who have done a lot of social-welfare programs. Her highlight of her personality is her gorgeous smile and ambitious eyes. No one can deny the fact that what she is today is all on her own. Although, she had her father’s support, she has faced tough battles in her personal life to achieve this level of success.

Her Background:

Priyanka’s father and mother are doctors. Her father passed away out of an illness. Priyanka is a college drop out. She has changed her schools due to her father’s shifting. Her entry to the film industry was after she was crowned with the Miss World Pageant in 2000. She never knew that she would win the Miss India Contest. After the pageant, the stars were highly in her favor for stardom. A girl who once lacked confidence to win is the international inspiration to many today.

Achievements and Rewards:

Her list of achievements will leave you amazed with a fact that she has accomplished more than her age. A few of the awards and honors are mentioned as under:

    • Priyanka grabbed the Miss World Title, 2000
    • She was rated 2nd among the Top Bollywood Actresses in 2006
    • UK magazine has declared her as one of Asia’s Sexiest Women
    • She is the first Indian woman, to star in a leading TV role in an American show “Quantico” about FBI recruits
  • She has received honor and awards for many films, especially Mary Kom that brought her international recognition. And the list goes on…

Motivational Factor:

Priyanka is one name for strength, confidence and inspiration. She is one of those exceptional women and actresses, who know to value themselves at first before gaining value from others. Such women do not wait for the opportunities to knock their door. They rather, build so many doors that there is no scope for opportunity to run away.

I loved the way she has gained confidence on her own. In one of the interviews she stated her pain of having darker complexion in her childhood and how she was compared by other people in her family. She used to spend hours in her washroom weeping and talking to herself. If a girl who was compared for her darker complexion can win the title of Miss World, I strongly feel we can chase our dreams to extremes. It is true that ‘nothing is impossible in this world and the word Impossible too has I M Possible in it.’

She is among the well settled woman and an inspiration to all those women who lack confidence. Priyanka passes a strong message through her achievements; her work speaks through her courage and determination. I admire her for bringing herself to this level on her own, I admire her to be confident about her beauty, I admire her to have shown a way for her worries and the way she has welcomed the changes in her life and career. Priyanka was exceptionally matured to understand the life’s hardships and she started to prepare herself at a tender age. Very less people can actually do this.

At an early age, she decided what she wanted to be. It is a different story that got an exposure into a different field altogether in modeling. I realized one thing after knowing Priyanka as an actress, it is easy for the audience to comment on someone’s success, but it’s very difficult to invest all efforts to show your passion in your field.

An actress like Priyanka can make wonders! As an actress, she explains to be versatile and flexible in taking up challenging roles. Being a woman, I have my respect for her and I strongly believe that women must hold the courage like Priyanka and learn to chase their dreams. Challenges in life must make us stronger rather making us weak. Priyanka is not just a woman; she is a woman of substance.

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Shruti Sharma

A dedicated, loyal and amazing woman, Shruti Sharma is a post graduate in Management (M.COM) and before joining VID as a senior author, she worked as a freelance writer for more than 3 years. Her unique style of writing and original quotes are loved by the readers. She is passionate about writing, dancing, music, and sketching.

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