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Meet Aditya Joshi – World’s First Youngest Indian Male Badminton Player

The success story of Aditya Joshi is small, simple, and cute to understand. It is the story of how passionately he works towards his success.

Name: Aditya Joshi

Age: 19

Place of Birth: Madhya Pradesh

Informative Facts about Aditya Joshi:

Aditya Joshi may not be a popular name to the common public, but this name is spreading its wings faster in the world of sports. He is an Indian badminton player, who stood first in the world junior rankings. It can also be stated that he is the youngest and the first Indian badminton player to have ranked first at world’s badminton competition for the youngsters.

Joshi belongs to a small city, Dhar, based in Madhya Pradesh. He achieved recognition and number one slot in 2014, junior rankings of the World Badminton Federation. The year before, he was on the 11th position, however through his hard work and dedication, he overcame all his competitors.

Joshi was also a junior champion at National level in 2013, who won two gold medals in Indian Junior International Tournament. He also took part at the India Open Grand Prix Gold. To share a fact, Aditya was just five when he started playing badminton. After that, there was no looking back as he started winning various local tournaments.

Within a span of six years itself he proved his exceptional sports skills to the tournament leagues. He became internationally prominent for his badminton playing qualities. He won a gold medal in the Remensco Junior International Tournament, Russia, 2011. It was in the same year, he also won a gold medal for Asian Sub-Junior championship, Japan.

Joshi became the headlines of many newspapers after winning continuous tournaments. To tell you more, this young lad also participated and reached till pre-quarter level in Junior International Championship, Malaysia and Junior World Championship held at Bangkok. His victory has made the entire nation proud.

Aditya’s coach, Amit Kulkarni shares pride in discussing about Aditya’s performance. Amit Kulkarni is also a coach for MP Badminton team. Amit too expressed his happiness and best moments spent while coaching Joshi.

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Motivational Factor:

It is no doubt that few chosen ones from the almighty are meant to achieve greater success in lives. However, credit also goes to the parents who sacrifice days and nights for their children and help them identify their skills. Aditya’s parents did not put a TV connection, nor did they play any cartoons for Aditya so that he could focus on the other important stuff of life. They themselves never watched TV and gave complete attention to Aditya’s growth.

This is where the first step towards parenthood arrives. If we learn to sacrifice, our kids automatically learn to sacrifice. There is no point in following a bad lifestyle and then scolding kids to become good citizens. As parents, we need to change our lifestyle so that our kids copy good things from us.

I am pleased to talk about Aditya’s parents as because of their support, Aditya has reached this success at such a tender age. It is the age when kids are not even aware of their future goals. Their mind wanders as they do not know which field to choose. That’s the point when the real duty of a parent arises. Aditya’s parents saw his interest in sports and they supported him wholeheartedly for his badminton playing skills.

With a little support from his parents, Aditya knew where he was going. He started practicing more rigorously and started proving his skills to the world. His victory at the National Junior Championship, Chandigarh was one of the biggest achievements of his life. He made way by scoring at the top in the tournament.

Aditya’s parents’ names are, Atul Joshi and Hemlata Joshi. I have personally learnt a lot from this story. We cannot pressurize our kids to become what we want; rather, we can help them become what they want. You don’t have to be a millionaire for that. Every child has few exceptional qualities in him. We must pick the ones most affordable to us and help them polish those skills whole heartedly. Within no time, we would realize that our child has groomed so much as a better individual. Aditya’s parents did exactly the same thing.

We wish Aditya all the very best for his future tournaments and pray that he achieves greater height of success. Hope you enjoyed this little piece of story.

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