AIIMS Doctors Conduct Three Transplants

AIIMS Doctors Conduct Three Transplants; The Strike Cannot Stop Them

On Friday AIIMS doctors took up a challenge in spite of strike which was called by resident doctors. The strike did not deter the hospital for conducting three simultaneous transplants. The 18-year-old boy who was confirmed having brain dead presented to donate his organs by his family I the afternoon, and till evening all his organs comprising brain, kidneys, heart, liver, bones as well as corneas were retrieved.

Doctors clarified that the 18-year boy Arjun was the only son of Ram Bahadur and was met with a road accident and on Thursday admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Centre. He was declared dead on Friday and following that the trauma nurse along with the neurosurgeons discussed with his family members to donate the organs. As per the senior doctor of AIIMS, ‘Boy’s father gave permission, and the mother signed as the witness.’

After conversing with TOI Bahadur, father of Arjun, he said he decided to donate all the organs of his son to give lives to others who need it. On the other hand, a transplant surgeon noted that ‘In India, the percentage of organ donation is quite low and I salute this family who decided to donate all the organs of his son by putting aside their grief of losing him.’ He added that there was no other way out and they could not leave the organs to go waste owing to strike. He said that several other doctors also assisted this transplants.

Faculty members of AIIMS hospital arranged resources to guarantee that organs were transplanted to patients on the wait list in spite of ongoing strike. Dr. Aarti Vij, head of institute’s ORBO, i.e., Organ Retrieval and banking organization supposed ‘ nearly about fifty to sixty doctors are working on the transplants which had been carried out under diverse departments comprising nephrology, surgery as well as gastrointestinal surgery’ She added that this transplant would go on till midnight.

Te recipient the organs are considered to be mostly young patients’ .one of the patients undergoing the liver transplant is just 20, and the one ongoing heart transplant is also too young. He is lucky to receive the heart so too early. The donors’ corneas, as well as bones, have been preserved for future needs at AIIMS. One kidney of Arjun had been sent to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. On 9th April AIIMS carried out a successful transplant heart transplant surgery in a patient just 24 years of age. The heart donor was also too young as she was a girl of 23 years old, who met with an accident and declared brain dead.

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