The initiative of ‘Coronathon’ is picking up great heights during COVID-19!

The dangers of COVID-19 persist and the fear lays in every heart of humans today. On one side where the whole world is impacted with the Curfew and Lockdown steps, there are initiators who are thinking out of the box for the progress despite the hurdles.

One such campaign is the Coronathon. India has always been a country with excellent masterpieces and skilled people.

The Indian Government has started something stupendous once again for the tech sector. Let’s read further to know everything associated with Coronathon.

What is Coronathon?

Due to the jobs being cut down and majority of the companies setting workers to work from home, Coronathon is an initiative that will continue to run for the tech sector until the lockdown is over.

It is an invite for all those skilled technical specialists who are asked to come together to share their thoughts and projects that can help the people of India in some way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a single platform for technical experts to collaborate their projects and help fight back COVID-19 or support people who are stuck in their houses.

Coronathon is an excellent opportunity even for those whose projects had an amazing spark but, were rejected due to the filthy corporate politics. This is the right time to share how much you know and what can you do to contribute to this pandemic.

Thousands of scientists, technicians, and health experts throughout the globe are engrossed to create an antidote for this deadly disease.

There are people who are stitching masks at home to provide to the nearby hospitals. Everyone is performing their role of an ethical citizen by some progressive way.

If this is happening, then why should the most profitable and skilled tech sector be left behind?

It is one of these reasons why Coronathon was released on 22nd March, 2020 and as mentioned will continue to run till the COVID-19 situation is stabilized.

People behind Coronathon:

The present organizers involved behind this amazing initiative are;

  • Sparsh Gupta
  • Arun Patre
  • Paras Chopra
  • Vivek V.S.
  • Akash Tandon
  • Shruti Royyuru
  • Sathish Raghuraman
  • Chandresh Vaghanani
  • Cynthia Rajan Babu

Some of the professionals above belong to big IT sectors. They need more organizers and anyone interested can easily approach them on their website here.

Who can engage, contribute or participate in Coronathon?

The initiative is not only open for IT professionals but, people from varied professional backgrounds who have some project to deliver during this difficult situation trolling in India.

People from healthcare background, software engineers, code developers, marketing professionals, web designers, product or business development managers, health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, lab technicians, etc…

If your sector or profession is not mentioned above, you may still leave an email and describe your project summary along with your professional background to the team.

They will verify your details and get back to you if they think your thoughts can help the people of India in some way.

How is Coronathon Hackathon conducted?

Hackathon is virtually conducted and will continue to happen online. From discussion to implementation, everything between the team and organizers will happen online.

Every week, the members are expected to work on their mutual or individual projects after approved either post their working hours or during the weekends.

Every Sunday, the Coronathon group will have a demo session where the individuals will demonstrate their project to the audience online. People are free to join and become a part of the audience to understand what it is all about and watch the free demos of the projects.

For workable projects the organizers will help either financially or guide them to approach the right entities for the same who can help the project in execution.

The winners will definitely be entitled to awards which will be decided within the organizers and announced based on the project delivery.

Why must you participate in the Coronathon Hackathon?

The organizers encourage everyone to participate as a project owner or as an audience to encourage people with brilliant ideas to support people of India.

The participation is also welcome if you have a project but, you would need some professionals to work on the same or if you wish to contribute and donate some resources.

More details can be obtained online directly on their website.

How did we find about Coronathon Hackathon?

We found their interesting tweet at the link mentioned here under;

The title was so impressive and interesting that I got an opportunity to write about them and help them reach maximum people and appreciate this initiative by the organizers.

It is an opportunity to mention about this amazing team work and efforts they intend to put by bringing more talent on board.

Some of the interesting projects as noticed on their website include:

Safezone: Is a free application tracker to track patients who are quarantined. The app keeps a check on various locations and asks the app users to upload their picture at regular intervals.

COVID-FYI: This amazing database has information about all the designated hospitals, Government bodies, helpline numbers, offers, and supplier information related to COVID-19 disaster support.

Safeslot: Safeslot is a platform launched with the objective of providing essential supplies such as groceries and medicines encouraging the people not to step out of their house and encourage social distancing. People can place their orders online instead of personally struggling at the queue.

Corona Custom Stats: Is an app that helps people with latest updates and information related to Covid-19 that is happening in the nation presently.

There are many more projects displayed on their website with some brilliant thoughts and objective behind.

For more details check their : Website


I am so honored to mention about the initiative and the people behind. Let me encourage everyone to do some brainstorming and reach this platform if you have any idea to share.

You can also just be an audience and encourage the skilled professionals who are taking selfless efforts to serve you by their skills in the midst of this pandemic.

My best wishes and heartfelt thanksgiving to the entire team and associated professionals of Coronathon.

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