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Meet the Magician behind the Turnaround of SpiceJet : Ajay Singh

If you haven’t yet read about Ajay Singh’s success story and his journey till SpiceJet, it is time to do now. The career story of Ajay Singh has confidence, hopes, dreams, and determination to motivate you.

Full Name: Ajay Singh

Company: SpiceJet

Position: Co-Founder and Owner of SpiceJet Airlines

Nationality: Indian

What Do You Know About Ajay Singh ?

Ajay Singh is the co-founder and current owner of popular, SpiceJet airlines. He joined SpiceJet in 2015 and continues to render his services to the firm. Ajay carries immense experience in the fields of information technology and airline operations. Prior to SpiceJet, Ajay has worked with various top notch corporates like Intel constructions Pvt. Ltd., Argentum Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pan India Motors Pvt. Ltd., and many more established firms.

Ajay Singh turned the entire picture of SpiceJet; before his promotion the company was seeing its dark clouds. Whether it is running a company or advising the Government on transport and tourism, Ajay has always emerged out as a master with clear vision. It’s not the first time he has proven his decisions to be correct; in 2005 Ajay rebranded the entire ModiLuft and acquired the company, which was later renamed as SpiceJet. Singh is also involved with various campaigns and promotions of Bhartiya Janata Party. He took the lead and initiative of promoting the slogan; “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar.”

Singh is an engineering graduate from IIT, Delhi. He completed his further studies in MBA from Cornell University, specializing in finance. Ajay was also elected as the President of the University of India Association.

He originally belongs from Alwar from his paternal side and Meerat from maternal side. Prior to working with corporates, Singh handled his family business in real estate and fashion accessories. Presently, his supportive wife takes care of this business now. Ajay has a pretty daughter who is pursuing her studies from Stanford University.

Ajay’s mastery skills got noticed when he was handed over the project of DTC with around 40,000 employees. The company was in a bad shape but, within a span of two years, he proved its success by raising the number of buses to 6000 from a few hundreds! Later, Ajay was appointed by BJP leader, Pramod Mahajan as a special duty officer to focus on the revamping project of Doordarshan. After Singh joined the project, two new channels, DD Sports and DD News were launched under his guideline. It’s not the first time; Singh has helped many failing companies to emerge as successors.

Singh has been awarded with the Sword of Honor for his exceptional skills and contributions in serving various roles. The aspiring entrepreneurs and young management students look up to him. The reason I have shared so much information about him in detail is to let you know that he is no magician in a virtual sense; he is a true master of his skills.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” ― Edward Everett Hale

I am sure you believe in the above quote too.

Motivational factor from his success story:

Success story of Ajay Singh trains you to be determined and focused. It teaches you to gather all the knowledge that you can and use it when the right time comes. Ajay strongly teaches us by his acts that no knowledge goes wasted. Whatever you learn from your experiences gets stored to come out at the right time.

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From real estate, fashion brands, airlines, to construction, campaigns, and entertainment channels, Ajay hasn’t left a single industry to try his knowledge. He has emerged as a brilliant leader. I am sure you have your own tough battles and challenging situations to fight at work. Sometimes, the work pressure takes a toll on health. You need to learn to manage your stress levels as it’s something created by yourself. Always remember, every challenge that comes to you is a test of problem solving skills. If you pass nothing like it, if you fail there is nothing to lose. Your attempts to solve these challenges bring new learning experiences in your life.

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