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The Man Who Cleared Every Government Exams: Akhand Swaroop Pandit | Success Story

Learning is a process and evaluating it through exams is the best way to understand one’s hard work. Akhand Swaroop Pandit, the man who cleared all government exams has been through this single-handedly. He was an average student but gave his dedication when the time arrived to achieve what he is today. His success has been an inspiration for the young mass who put themselves through the same process.

You must be thinking how a person who never liked to study, cleared all the government exams and made it to the A-listers profile of civil engineering services.

An ex-IES officer, A.S.Pandit has been through difficult times that made him who he is now. Akhand says, “The goal is often far when thought, but close when one starts to implement the path to achieve it”. How did Akhand Swaroop bridge this gap? To know how he rose to success, you need to go through his journey.

Who Is Akhand Swaroop Pandit?

Akhand Swaroop Pandit is the son, of a mother who has worked in the education sector and used to be a teacher, then principal of several schools and the father who used to run an NGO that organizes olympiads in different schools. Akhand Swaroop belongs to Bareilly, a city in the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh. An average student in his childhood who went on to become the messiah of all the aspirants of government exams, Akhand understood the rule of smart work and hard work.

The self-made man, Akhand has been a very cordial and jolly person throughout his life. Rising to the fame of “the man who cleared every government exam”, Akhand has seen hardships, toil, labour, happiness, frustration, loneliness and success.

His success has reached the ears of every Indian student. Akhand has captured his dreams of being who he wanted to be.

How Did It All Begin?

His journey began with a random call while he was in college. This call proved to be his turning point in life. A person on the other side had called to deliver the message that his father had met with an accident and was critical.

Shocked and traumatized Akhand had to leave everything behind and rush to where his father was. A 1000kms away, Akhand managed somehow to reach his father. The hardships of being in a middle-class family had taken a toll on him. He along with his mother somehow managed to bear the expenses of making his father normal again.

That incident made Akhand who he is today. He understood the way to success was through studying and started to do the same.

Akhand, His Studies and The Government Exams

Akhand got to hear about the IES UPSC exam and the benefits of cracking it. But he wasn’t prepared. He had zero ideas of how to study for it. But that didn’t let him down. In the process, he had to leave his routine gym life. He continued to go to the gym but didn’t spend time on training himself.

He started to teach others thinking it would help in revising. He also thought he could get some monetary benefits that would help him and his family sustain. From sleeping in stations to studying and teaching in different cities, Akhand did it all.

Along with clearing IES UPSC exam, Akhand cleared several other government exams with top ranks. These exams include GATE rank 6, NET rank 3, MPPSC rank 4, HPPSC rank 3, UPHDB rank 1, SSC rank 1, and MUMBAI METRO rank 1.

Akhand has studied B Tech in the regional government engineering college of Uttar Pradesh. He did his M Tech from IIT Delhi and did LLB while working.

His Success Story

Akhand Swaroop worked as an IES officer. After leaving his government job, he started The Catalyst Group, an Education Management company. He mentors aspirants of Civil Engineering, IES, GATE and many more government examinations.

Akhand while giving the government exams saw many other students struggling. Their struggle was an eye-opener for Akhand as he decided to leave the civil engineering job and start to help these students.

The Catalyst Group is a platform for students to get proper coaching for all the necessary government exams. It offers low-cost education so that it is easier for everyone to access. A problem solver for many Akhand solves more than 300 queries of students every day.

Akhand As A Motivational Speaker

Apart from helping students in their pursuit of achieving goals, Akhand is also a motivational speaker. He speaks about how one can change circumstances all by himself. He often talks about how to bridge the gap between dreams and the implementation of hard work to achieve them.

In the motivational videos, on the company’s youtube channel, he speaks about fear, and frustration and how one can overcome it. He talks about the steps to becoming successful. Akhand says, “the strategy to reach the goal is by having daily agendas and trying to complete them”. His method of reaching heights is by dealing with frustration and fear as it is inevitable in the path to success.

In Josh Talks, he says that one cannot just dream of a goal and achieve it. To attain the goal is a series of processes. He speaks of how smart work and hard work matter and when to apply them. He lets his students know that it is not the bigger goal that they have to pursue but the smaller goals that they have to set every day and achieve, to reach the end goal.

A thinker, a motivator, and a seeker, Akhand has always been on his toes to learn something new. The path of learning and spreading knowledge has given him the position he is in today. With many students and aspirants for government exams looking at him as a messiah, Akhand has managed to help more than 50,000 students to date.

Other Achievements

Other than succeeding in his career, Akhand has other virtues which he has accomplished too. He is a two-time National Powerlifting Champion. He likes keeping himself healthy and maintaining his physique. Akhand has distributed his life into segments of physical fitness, helping students, keeping up with his family and exploring places. Akhand stays happy even during hardships. He learns from frustration and failures. He constantly keeps learning.

The number of testimonials that Akhand receives speaks volumes of his success. Akhand Swaroop Pandit’s success has shown a lot of strength, dedication and perseverance. To be what you want, you need to shower yourself with patience and a zeal to achieve it.

Akhand has achieved massive success in a very short phase of life, His achievements are countless, some of his highlighted achievements are:

  • 4 TEDx Speech
  • IIMC Alumni
  • Writer: The Hindu
  • Founded 5 Startups
  • UPSC Rank-144
  • Faculty UPSC/SSC

The journey to the destination is always a beautiful one. If Akhand could do what he sought, everyone else can. It only takes dedication to reach your goals. Akhand’s success story has been a motivation for many to date. If only dreams were to be dreamt, humans would have never grown. Learning is the process and overcoming hardships is the success.

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