Arnab Goswami

An Intense Journalist, an Exceptional News Anchor, and a Powerful Personality – Arnab Goswami

Age: 43 (about)

Place of Birth: Guwahati, Assam

Nationality: Indian

About Arnab Goswami :

Arnab Goswami is one name known for his eloquent personality. He is an outstanding journalist and news anchor, who has served various news channels. Arnab will soon be the co-founder and managing director of an upcoming news channel, named Republic TV.

Talking about his exceptional performances, some part of the credit to the success of some top news channels can be given to Arnab Goswami. He has anchored popular channels like, Times Now, ET Now, and a few more. Arnab gained immense popularity from his show Frankly speaking with Arnab’.

Arnab has also written a book named, Combating Terrorism, titled as, The Legal Challenge. Despite the criticism and controversies, Arnab has excelled in his career and proven his exceptional intellect always. He has been a man known for his proofs and strong observation more than his words. This is what creates a major impact whenever he is in discussion with any popular personality or political party.

Background :

Goswami belongs to a family of lawyers and social activists. His paternal and maternal grandfathers have been political leaders and his father is a Colonel (Retd.). Coming from an army background from his father’s side, Arnab has changed his school various times. He attained his Bachelor’s in Sociology and Masters in Social Anthropology. Arnab completed his post-graduation from Oxford University.

Arnab Gosawami Republic

Arnab began his career with a Kolkata based company, The Telegraph. After resigning from The Telegraph, he shifted his career to TV News broadcast and joined NDTV 24×7.  He has served as a chief editor who took the responsibility of complete editorial content of the news channel.

If you enjoy watching his shows, I am sure you must be aware of his top rated news show, Newsnight. After attaining immense recognition and appreciation, Arnab started to work with Times Now as an editor-in-chief and news anchor.

Achievements and Rewards by Arnab Goswami :

Arnab has been honored and titled with various prestigious awards. He has earned international recognition and worldwide appreciation through his thorough knowledge on respective subjects.

  • He earned the Best Presenter Award by Asian Television in 2003
  • He is honored with Society Young Achievers Award for his excellent services in media, 2007
  • News Live channel has honored with Assamese of the year award in the year 2010
  • Arnab earned great respect for his intellect in Journalism and he has been acclaimed with Ramnath Goenka Award for excellence

Motivational Factor :

Arnab Goswami is a One Man Show! When he speaks, you don’t really find the need to hear another anchor. His work and observations have been simply the best. From a news anchor to a managing director, the journey hasn’t been that easy for Arnab. He has been through his own list of accusations, criticism, and lots of issues related to his career path; however as I said he knows to run the show well.

Arnab is a strong personality and the aspiring journalists look up to him for their motivation. He has brought immense confidence in my young journalists who are striving to make their paths. Arnab has gathered and discussed upon various public affairs which has highlight major issues of the nation. Some of his observations and opinions were an eye opener to many ongoing challenges faced in the nation.

He is one of those rare journalists and speakers, whose strong words have the power to turn bigger personalities speechless. In my opinion, it is an extremely difficult and challenging job that he is performing so smoothly.

Message to the Audience :

Arnab Goswami is an icon to all those people who wish to be powerful and successful in life. By power, I don’t necessarily mean the power of seat or the power of money; it means the power of words. If you have power in your words, even the most intellectual people bow before you. That’s what I feel after reading and researching about Arnab Goswami.

I have learnt a lot of good things from his story and successful career. I am sure he has plenty of surprises stored in his coat for the people and his followers. My best wishes to him and hope you are inspired by reading this story on Arnab Goswami. If yes, it is time to follow some principles followed by him and stay strong in your career. Everything will make wonders soon!

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