Kattappa Sathyaraj

Read the Success Story of Epic Movie ‘ Baahubali’s ’ Kattappa – Sathyaraj

Kattappa ‘s Real Name : Sathyaraj

Profession: Actor, Director

Age: 62

Nationality: Indian

Place of Residence: Tamil Nadu, India

About Sathyaraj aka Kattappa :

We all know him by the name Kattappa, but his parents named him Sathyaraj. Of course, this story doesn’t share the conclusion of why Kattappa killed Baahubali, but it shares how Sathyaraj became Kattappa. He has two sisters who are happily married. Sathyaraj completed his education from St Mary’s Convent School and then shifted to Government Arts College for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Botany. When he desired to show interest to join films, his family strictly went against it. His mother couldn’t digest the fact that Sathyaraj would enter films.

With no further choice left in his hands, Sathyaraj left his house in Coimbatore and traveled to Tamil Nadu to join Tamil film industry. It means, during the initial days of struggle, Sathyaraj was self-motivated and had no strong referential film background. To pursue his goal and earn his living, Sathyaraj joined drama troupe of Komal Swamynathan.

Sattam En Kaiyil is the first movie that gave face recognition to Sathyaraj. Apart from acting, he also worked as a production manager for a few films. After some struggle, Sathyaraj got his first break as a lead actor for the movie, Saavi in 1985. He played a negative role in the movie. The movie became a box office hit. After that, Sathyaraj  signed about 75 movies, some of which include hits like Vikram, Kaakki Sattai, Irupatthi Naalu Mani Neram, and many more.


Sathyaraj Became Kattappa for the World after a Massive Hit of Baahubali

The Tamil audience has appreciated his work and he dragged a huge number of fans following towards him. The goal of success wasn’t as easy as it seems. After a few average movies, the directors became reluctant to cast Sathyaraj for a lead role. He has performed major roles in action genre; however his experiment as a romantic hero in the movie Kadalora Kavithaigal broke all the barriers and misconceptions about his image as an actor. There was no looking back for Sathyaraj then.

Sathyaraj is the recipient of various prestigious and popular awards for his great contribution to film industry.

He has performed in more than 100 hit films. Sathyaraj decided not to stick to just Tamil industry now, as he was floating in a pool of offers from various other film industries too. He pursued his goal in Telugu and Malayalam cinema. Hi Telugu movies, Sankham and Michi became super hits. Who can miss the epic movie, Baahubali? Millions of people are waiting to know why Kattappa killed Baahubali. Believe it or not, Kattappa is playing a supportive role in the movie, but the entire message and conclusion of the movie is based on Sathyaraj.  Such is the impact he created through his performance. The director and the story writer have done a brilliant job in helping Sathyaraj become a historic figure in the movie. He has been acclaimed with many prestigious titles and popular awards.

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What do we learn from Sathyaraj’s story?

We often get distracted from our goals when no one supports us. I believe when no one supports in your life for your goals, that moment you must understand that the battle of achieving these has already began. It is time to become a warrior, lift the weapon, and unleash all the barriers that come your way to reach your goal.

Sathyaraj had no support from anyone. Neither family nor anyone in his background belonged to film industry. When he entered films, the two friends that came along with him were confidence and self-belief. He knew what he was doing. Unless you are sure of what you want from life, the life will fail to understand you. A commoner who had nothing in his pockets before entering films is one of the highly acclaimed actors today. Despite sticking to only Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil films, he became a worldwide personality through Baahubali.

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From Sathyaraj’s success story, I have learnt one thing, we must continue to what we are doing. Once we begin our journey, life automatically shows us the right path. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and keep going.

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