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Meet Garima Nag, Founder Of “Sweet Sharing – Travel and LifeStyle Blog” Shares Her Motivational Story

Please Introduce Yourself and Share your Life’s Journey so far.

I am Garima Nag, Owner & author at Sweet Sharing. My native place is the ‘Pink City’ Jaipur. I have completed my studies in Jaipur. I started  as a fashion designer & had a flourishing career. What I liked most about my work was that it threw a  new challenge everyday. I got to interact with people from different nationalities, learnt about their culture & work ethics, traveled many places. I started working very early in my life. I had an opportunity to handle responsibilities far beyond my age. It taught me to remain focused, give my heart & soul to the work.

I took a break after I started my family. Blogging started as a hobby to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Blogging has opened a whole new avenue for me. I made many friends who share similar passion about arts & life as a whole. The best part was that I could do it from any part of the world. I could carry my work anywhere I went. The journey by far has been fulfilling. There is still a long road ahead…

When and how did you think about Sweet Sharing?

My blog, Sweet Sharing started as an creative outlet for my ideas.  I took a break my fashion designing career once I started my family.  I always had my priorities sorted. Initial few years for a child are extremely important. It is imperative for the parents to devote time for their kids, teach them morals & values for life.

I started sharing my experience as a parent, traveler & opinion on various social issues I am passionate about  on my blog. What started as a ‘Virtual Diary’ became a passion. More people connected with the blog, my writing got recognition. I won several blogging contests in a short span of time. In the very first year of its conception, Sweet Sharing was listed among the Top indian Blog in various nationwide blog listings. The adulation & recognition encouraged me to pursue it  with a greater fervor.

Explain more about your Sweet Sharing.

Sweet Sharing, as the name suggests, is all about sharing stories, experiences of enthusiastic people with other people who are equally passionate about life. The main categories of the blog is Travel, Lifestyle & parenting. It pretty much sums up the passion I have in real life as well. Travel is my passion. I think traveling not only enrich your life but also teach you things that can’t be taught through any other medium. You get the first hand experience of life!

What makes Sweet Sharing special is its simplicity & honesty . Apart from myself, there are many other contributors who regularly guest blog for Sweet Sharing. They all try to add value to the blog & enhance reader’s  experience. We value the feedback we receive from the readers & followers. Today, Sweet sharing has a strong social media presence of 25,000+ followers.

What challenges did you face in your life and while setting up your blog? how did you overcome?

Have I faced any challenges? YES I did..

When you start any new, you are bound to face challenges. From the very beginning I was quite sure how I wanted to take the work forward. I wanted to be completely honest to my work, my readers & myself. I wrote what felt right to me, what I wanted to read without making it too fancy but relatable.I gained faithful blog followers & organic traffic in due course.

Was setting up the blog easy? NO it wasn’t

Especially when you are not from tech field, setting up a website could prove to be a herculean task. I built my website from scratch. I did everything on my own. One could hire a professional for such things. But I wanted to learn the basics of blogging and wanted to have complete understanding & control. The same concept applies in every field of work. If you want to master in art, learn the basics & move up.

Fail but get up & try again…

Success is not easy nor it has any shortcuts. One must keep patience. Today, we want to start a business & dream of earning in five figures in very first year. Its neither practical nor possible unless you are Mark Zuckerberg moving around with Facebook kinda concept in hand :). Have patience & trust your abilities. It might take time but hard work will always pay. If you are not getting where you want to be at least utilize the time to get better & improve yourself. So when the opportunity comes you are fully prepared to take it on.

Never give up!!! #inspirationalquotes #quoteoftheday #life #followforfollow #instaquote

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What’s the current path and Future plan?

I have been fortunate to be associated with the best in the industry from the very beginning. By far, I have been featured on The Huffington Post, Google+, Expedia.Uk offical blog, Yatra.com as a travel expert. My travel stories has been shared by Lonely Planet Magazine India on various social media channels.  I regularly collaborate with national & international brands for brand promotion & reviews.

I am trying to add new dimension to my blog. At present, I am gathering information & learning new techniques. In near future, I plan to make the site more interactive & informative.

If you would like, you can share your feedback about VID.

When I was contacted to share my story on Viral Indian Diary, I went through the published stories. I was pleasantly surprised to see that achievers from all walks of life were featured on VID. The stories are extremely inspiring. I am sure every single reader will take away a good lesson or thought from here.

I want to congratulate the whole team of VID for putting such efforts in compiling inspirational  stories. All the very best for the future!

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