Meet Harjinder Singh Kukreja, Entrepreneur and Social Activist – Success Story

Harjinder Singh Kukreja’ s name and story is quite a topic for many Sikhs. Many of them have been inspired by his acts and many take him as their role model. Find out why?

Quick Bio :

Date of Birth : Sep 10, 1986

Profession: Entrepreneur and Social Activist

Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar, India

About Harjinder Singh Kukreja :

Harjinder is a successful businessman and a social worker. Currently, he resides in Ludhiana, Punjab. After his birth in Patna, the entire family of Harjinder moved to Ludhiana, Punjab. Singh is engrossed with many amazing business activities.

Harjinder is known for his bakeries’ Belfrance and Hot Breads. These two are the favorite brands of his fans. Harjinder runs a franchise of ‘The Yellow Chilli’, a restaurant launched by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. He was one of the highly reputed and respected donors, who organized a collection drive for the Jammu & Kashmir flood.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja
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Personal Life:

Harjinder is married to a beautiful lady, Harkirat Kaur and they both have two sons, Rehras Singh and Aad Sach Singh. Singh has two brothers who accompany him in his business of breads and confectionery.

Milestones and Contributions:

Harjinder’s bakery was the first in Ludhiana to have introduced the concept of delivering breads and cakes at home. His recent business acquaintance involves Bellfrance Bakers and Chocolatiers, a proposal by the Belgian Ambassador in India.

Talking about his contributions to the society, Harjinder has always stepped ahead to put his best foot forward by participating in unfortunate events like; Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and Floods. He helped many people affected in the 2014 flood of Jammu & Kashmir. He has supported the victims of Chennai floods and gave his services in form of money, clothes, items of daily needs, and food. In one of the efforts to bring equality and humanity together, he invited the Shahi Imam and welcomed people of other religions for a grand langar, held at Jama Masjid.

Despite being a true Sikh, Harjinder believes in humanity first. He follows his tradition very religiously and at the same time respects the other religions too. In the initial days, the government schools and employment houses in France did not allow turban on the Sikh men. Harjinder took the initiative of jumping from a plane and trying the sky diving wearing a Turban in Melbourne. It was an effort taken to raise his voice in favor of Sikh religion.

This is not all! There are many other subjects focused by Harjinder such as, knowledge spread across to make people aware of the consequences of female feticide, dowry, and other social issues of the society. He sent a text message to more than a lakh of Sikh youth stating; ‘The murky business of drugs in Punjab is a threat to human life. The blooming drug menace needs to be curtailed before it’s too late.’

Motivational Factor:

Harjinder Singh Kukreja, one name but oodles of appreciation. He is truly a Man of Honor! This was just a glimpse of his contributions made to the society. The man is far beyond imagination in terms of helping people. At the age of 29, he thinks like a saint. It is no doubt that he is equally running a business to feed his own family. But, is it not what we all do?

Three main elements that make him a unique personality are that he has a pure heart, clean soul, and good values in him, which makes him a great person to deal with. I am truly impressed at the way Harjinder has raised his own life. I am sure he will inculcate the best values in his children too.

The main element behind this story is that we keep running to the temples, handing over precious things to god and the saints, keep praying to lord, spend money in anticipation of peace. However, we fail to find that peace anywhere in the world. This Universe is same for us all. What you see is seen by people like Harjinder too, but they find peace in themselves. To find inner peace in life, we need to spread peace and humanity. That’s the motive behind sharing the success story of Harjinder Singh Kukreja.

Our respect goes to him. If you liked this story, please pass it and spread the message of peace to your friends and family too. Let it roll throughout the world until the message has reached all.

Kukreja’s : Facebook

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