Hitler Meets Dhyan Chand

Hitler Once Offered Major Dhyan Chand German Citizenship But He Refused it

Dhyan Chand continues to be the greatest Hockey player India ever produced. This individual made India wins a lot of medals and titles on his own. His demean-our on the hockey field was not only inspirational but magical as well. He weaved magic through his strokes, angles and what not.

A lot of theories claim that none other than Adolf Hitler himself offered Dhyan Chand the citizenship of Germany along with a post of Field Marshal in German Army.

It was during the Berlin Olympic held in 1936, where India defeated Germany by 8-1 in a Hockey Match that Hitler was impressed with the skills of this exceptional player. According to Hindustan Times, there are video proves that establishes the fact that Hitler was present in the stadium during the match.

Varied sports journalists and researchers have established facts that prove this claim to be true. Dhyan Chand, The Wizard of Hockey, was indeed summoned by Adolf Hitler and offered a rank in German Army along with German Citizenship but love for his country made Dhyan Chand reject the offer.

Did you know?  Dhyan Chand’s contribution made India win Gold Medals for three consecutive times in Olympics. India won Gold Medal in Olympic in 1928, 1932 and 1936. It was during a match between India and Germany in 1936, where Hitler saw Dhyan Chand weave magic with his Hockey Stick. Source.

Dhyan Chand’s brother Roop Singh also played Hockey for India, Roop Singh was also an exceptional player, and together they used to beat the opponent in style. There were times when these two were the leading scorers in Olympics and other gaming events.

Dhyan Chand was also very popular for his ethics and understanding of the game; he used to have one look at the goal posts and tell whether the size of it was accurate or not. Dhyan Chand was truly a magician.

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